sgtdub: July 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

28 July 08,
Well, Wade called me on it, guess it's time to post. I really did have time this weekend as on Sunday all I did was watch the Eureka marathon on the SciFi channel. Talk about your do nothing weekend. I guess I'm saving it all up for this next weekend and I fly back to OKC on Thursday and drive down to Texas on Friday. It'll be a busy day but I wouldn't miss seeing my brother graduate the police academy and pinning his badge on him.
Class here is going pretty good. Well, I felt better today about it anyway. Come to find out we didn't have to learn the words as solid as we had been working the weeks before but just needed to be familiar with them and learn them over the course of the next 5 months. You could have told us that last week and I wouldn't have stressed about it so much.
Anyone else watching Nashville Star? We are down to the last two weeks. I still like Gabe and Melissa the best, it'll be interesting to see who gets kicked off tonight in the next 30 minutes. Who's your favorite?
Well, I'll post more later, be safe and have a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July 08,
Good Wednesday to everyone! We made it to the half way mark in the week. Hang in there, the weekend is getting closer. We have covered almost 200 words this week, and will spend the next two days just working with them, good, I don't know how many new words I can take at a time.
Mrs Dub and Miss Dub went to see Mama Mia today and the report back was it was great. Now, there is no doubt, period, in my manliness, but I do love a good musical. Now, don't give me an option of a musical and a Steven Segal or a Bruce Willis movie... Batman, Hellboy or Hancock, because the musical would come in second, but I'd still go see it afterwards.
I called home and talked with Miss Dub. Usually on the phone we always greet each other in Spanish. She answered and I started off with, 'Como esta?' She replied back with, 'I don't speak Spanish, I speak Arabic.' So I came back with in Arabic, 'Elfy macos wa waraka al a arf, bil macos cus waraka maruba.' She came back with in Spanish, 'Bien, et tu?" Ok, so it was probably funnier if you were there.......
What did I say? Pick up the scissors and paper off the floor, with the scissors, cut a square in the paper.
Be safe and have a great day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

20 July 08,
Ah, the weekend is over. I know, who is ever happy to end a weekend? Well, the sooner the weekend is over, the sooner we start the next week, and the sooner I get home to Mrs. Dub and Miss Dub. Lt. M was popped into town on other business and we did get to have a couple of meals together, but mostly I just stayed in.
I have gone over my list of words a couple of times, and my numbers. Over all I'm feeling good about my recognition of most of the words, still fuzzy on the most recent ones. I'm not feeling good about my speaking them. Obviously, that's the main goal here. I'll get it, won't I?
Miss Dub had her wisdom teeth removed Friday and is doing better. Mrs. Dub has been taking care of her and then Nana and Papa came and got Miss Dub Sunday afternoon to let her spend the night with them. Poor Mrs. Dub is alone at the homestead, she never really likes that.
I talked with my brother this evening. He's down to two weeks left in the 7 month training at the police academy in Ft. Worth. He said last week was tough as they did scenario training and really put the stress on them before sending them off to their 'calls'. The good news is that he said he feels much more confident about himself and his training.
Well, that's enough for today, be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

16 July 08,
Ah, half way through the week. Today we were introduced to over 30 words by just playing Monopoly. Yes, I can say I've never seen Army training like this before. The interesting thing is that I have learned more Arabic in a week than I retained from a semester of Spanish.
Mrs. Dub got their Glamour Shot pictures. I can't wait to get some. I was able to view the photo album on line and they look great. As soon as I can, I'll get some posted. Mrs. Dub says we can't, blah blah something about copyright, I'll let you know they came from Glamor Shots, and heck, I paid for them, I can do what I want.
Some of the guys are talking about going to see The Dark Knight this week. Mrs. Dub likes to say I'm just on vacation and I'm out partying every night. Well, I'll have you know, it's not true, I didn't go out at all last night...... I may not have the grueling schedule I'm used to keeping but it's still work. Our instructors tell us that they have to keep us stress free and enjoying the class for us to be able to learn like we are. And trust me, at the end of each hour there are several of us holding our heads wondering how we can keep any of the information from seeping out.
I wish there was more exciting things to talk about, but I go to class and I come back to my apartment. Of course, if anybody is in town this weekend, the party is over here!
Be safe and have a great day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

14 July 08,
Ok, it's Monday night, and that means Nashville Star. I have no idea who keeps voting for Coffey, but they apparently don't know what country music sounds like. Yes, he is a good singer as every one points out, but he belongs in a different arena. I definitely like Melissa and Gabe.
We had the weekend to rest our minds so I went up to Phoenix to visit with brother and sister in-laws. The brother in law had a birthday on Saturday and I finally got a chance to visit them and help him celebrate.
How's class? Well, the good news was even after two days off I retained at least 85% of what we learned last week and was able to follow the commands. Today we started our numbers from 11 to 10,000 and then learned another more words, mostly dealing with personal hygiene. I had about as much trouble today as I did our first day, but I feel confident that it will all come together as long as we keep working the way we are.
Well, that's about all for today, be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

09 July 08
Well, it's Wednesday, that means only two more days of torture till the weekend. We were introduced to basic body parts today. All day I kept thinking about a Homer-ism I see on Sanni's site, about learning new things pushes old things out of the brain. The class itself is pretty good and they seem to think that I've retained at least 70% of the Arabic I have been introduced to so far. Of course, my other thought is that the only thing we are missing is scooby snacks. I think the training is similar to Pavlov's dogs.
Mrs. Dub and Miss Dub went to Glamor Shots today to get pictures made. It sounded like they had a lot of fun. Of course, I don't think Miss Dub needs to look any more grown up than what she already is, and the term I heard used for Mrs. Dub was "hot".
I haven't ventured at all outside of the class and my apartment yet, so there's not much to report yet, but it'll get better. For now, be safe and have a great day.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

08 July 08
My head is going to explode with the worst headache I can remember and I can only assume it's the results of today's class. Of course, I can now point at a door with a fish when directed to in Arabic, can you?
Even with the headache I managed to do an hour of stretching using my P90X dvd. I plan on doing the stretching video for the next week and then start going through the rest of them. The two goals for this next six months is to learn Arabic and get back to exercising.
August 1st is an important day in my family. My brother spent the last 7 months in the Ft. Worth Police Academy and will graduate that day. He has invited me down to pin his badge on him. I am truly honored about this and will be in my Police uniform also that day.
Well, this thinking is really hurting so I'll stop for tonight. Be safe and have a great day.

Monday, July 07, 2008

07 July 2008
I arrived in Sierra Vista Arizona yesterday. We started our first day of Arabic school today. I'm both excited and terrified at the same time about this school.
After class I finally got moved into my new apartment. It's a two bedroom that came fully furnished, except for food. Mrs. Dub packed me some stuff, jiffy pop popcorn, ranch style beans, chili, know good food. I told her I would start with a traditional Asian dish tonight, pasta with a nice peanut sauce, also know in the bachelor world as ramen noodles and crunchy peanut butter Of course, I'm much more mature these days and decided to run to the grocery store. Oh boy, frozen pizzas!
Ok, I'm just a guy.
Well, I'll go for now. Be safe and have a great day!