sgtdub: January 2007

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 January 2007, Ok, it's my Birthday.
Well, once again, my wife, Mrs. Dub has seen fit to make sure everyone knows it's my birthday. I kept it a secret here in Afghanistan untill I got two big boxes marked with "Happy Birthday" on all sides so that you couldn't miss it. One of my airmen was already in the office this morning and I was quick to observe her working on a 'project'. Since I started the projects mission, I knew what was going on. She finished it and put it in the slide show on the plasma screen in the office. This is it.
I got out of the office and went down to my interpreter's connex. I had a second connex for them and needed to build a false front on one so that they could use it more efficiently. I managed to stay down there until almost 1400 hrs today. Apparently, someone let the interpreters know too, so at noon, they had lunch brought down and also had a Birthday cake for me. So, I figured the office had did their part, the interpreters had did their part, this should be over. Wrong.

My 2LT M was finally getting promoted and was unaware of it, so I decided to go to the briefing tonight to watch. He had no idea and was shocked. That was fun, time to go, wrong. My airmen had another cake for me and a bucket of gifts. So it's been a good day all the way around.

I'm gonna relax in LTC Y's office
and watch a movie

Be safe and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

30 January 2007, It's Tuesday!
Now I did a tag meme here last week and I answered that Tuesday was my favorite day of the week. Some of you were intrigued. So, the reasons are:
1. It isn't Monday
2. It's my Friday back home on the police department. We work 8 days on and have 6 days off. So my shift is from Tuesday to Tuesday. Then I get the following Wednesday through Monday off.
So there you have it, I was going to try and do the "Top 10", but I'm not that creative.
We finished the wall in the conference room, and put up the marker board that will double as a projector screen. We are waiting on wiring to put the projector ceiling mounted. LTC Y just stopped by my desk and said he wanted it all ready to watch a movie after work tomorrow. Hmm, ok Sir.
Today is actually going to be a short post, guess I used most of my words yesterday. I want to say thank you to everyone out there who continues to show your support for me and my fellow soldiers. Be safe and have a good day.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

29 January 2007, A War of Words.
I started blogging in June 2006, as a way to let family and friends know I was doing ok during this deployment. As I have mentioned on several occasions, I'm a procrastinator by nature, ask Mrs. Dub. With this in mind, a blog site was the best, fastest, most efficient way for me to communicate with everyone back home. One post, everyone who wants it, gets it. At that time, I had only been introduced to one other blog, Bob on the Fob. This was a soldier in Iraq. Now around July, he stop posting. I don't know why, but I hope it was because he went home, safely. Since then, and up to today, I keep current on over 50 different blogs from people all over the world, literally. I read over 40 every day, (when I remember to pay the internet bill and they remember to turn it on). This is indeed an amazing thing if you sit long enough to think about it.
There is an amazing exchange of ideas, of thoughts, of whims, of views, of everything you would want to find out there. One site, The Truth, seeks and encourages political exchanges every day. The amount of time he and others like him put into researching and producing an informative view puts me in awe. I love and encourage passion in views and feelings, as long as they are informative views and feelings. There should not be any doubt about where I stand on most views today. I'm pretty much conservative. Please note, that I did not say Republican or Democrat. I can stand before you and say that on my last ballot, as well as just about every ballot before it, I voted both Democrat and Republican. This really isn't an issue for me, because I look at the candidate's character, morals, values and then decide. I believe if you are "party-line" then you are either not informed or a zombie walking the earth. I believe there is a time for dialogue, a time for war, a time for peace, but one solution will never work for every situation. You can not properly fix a water leak with a hammer.
I'm reading other blogs and seeing bloggers engaged in debates. This is great, and yet is a problem. I have seen very few instances that a debate has led to one party or the other being swayed from their views. The best we can hope for is that each walks away with a little more insight. This is possible if you are open to such dialogue. If you are not, then I make the suggestion that you don't get involved to start with.
I believe most of America has learned lessons from Vietnam. The distinction has been made between the soldiers and the war. This is a great lesson. As I heard about the peace demonstration march on Washington this weekend, I was a little disheartened. When I heard Jane Fonda made an appearance my first thought was, "Great, within a few weeks I'll be called a baby killer". This was wrong of me, and even though you didn't know it, now you do and I'm sorry for that thought.
I believe in your right for freedom of speech, as long as you respect my freedom of speech too. Dari from Charmed and Dangerous was at that march. When she first told me she linked me to her site and her other site, a peace activist blog site, I must admit I was taken back just a bit. I began reading her site. She doesn't attack me, she doesn't judge me, and I don't judge her either.
People I do judge are people like Jane Fonda, Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson. I don't believe these people, at all. I see them, I hear them, and all I see is people stuck on an ego trip, it's all about them. I believe real people are concerned, but it doesn't include those three. I believe if you say something is broken, wrong, immoral, unjust, then explain it and offer suggestions. My mind works in analogies. If your television isn't on the right channel, you get up and change it. You have just found a solution and put it to work. The war in Afghanistan is considered a just war, why? What makes it different from Iraq? Because the terrorist network was in Afghanistan. Check out the FBI, CIA yearly reports. There are terrorists on every Continent and many countries in the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, France, Italy, Germany, South America, the United States. There isn't a demographic workup of what a terrorist is, not race, not religion, not politics. What makes a terrorist is their character, their values. They want and crave destruction....of everything, of everyone. Their end state is death, destruction. So what dialogue do you sit down and discuss with this person, with this group? Let me know, I'll give it a shot. Some ask about North Korea. Kim Il Jong is another egotist. He is a threat in that he wants attention for himself. North Korea has been a threat since 1955. Let's look at this, he ain't going anywhere.
At the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the peace activists were shouting, "No war for oil!!" Where is that slogan now? It vanished, why, because it was proven to be invalid. We haven't taken over the oil fields, we are attempting to make them vital and split the rewards up between the three sects in Iraq.
Our enemy isn't one particular race, religion, country, it's an ideology of death and destruction. I have had this discussion with many other soldiers, American, French, British. We aren't at war with Afghanistan, or with Iraq. The people of those countries aren't the enemy. Some of them are, but the majority of those we are fighting are from many different countries. Turning Iraq and Afghanistan into parking lots won't solve the problem. There isn't an easy solution to be found. Doing something is better than doing nothing. We can bring home all our troops, then what? We can build the Great Wall of China on the Mexican border, then what? The terrorist we fight today won't be satisfied. They won't lay down their arms and go home to their families, they will come after us, as they have done in the past, our embassies, our ships, our country. I read again tonight the comparison of World War II to the War on Terrorism. We won that war in five years, what's wrong now. Again, let me throw 16 million American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines at this problem, and I'll bet you we get it done too. Do you remember how we got into WW II. The war was waging long before December 7th. Pearl Harbor was our invitation to that war. Japan struck at us, yet we went after Germany too, why? Because the Axis network included Germany. We have to identify as many players in this as possible, and determine who is in it now, and who is on the bench. That's what we have done. I don't want to call this a game, because it isn't, but I'm cursed with those da#% analogies. Another argument is "This isn't a popular war!" I'm sorry, did I miss something? Who thought any war was popular? As I said at the beginning of this post, don't come to a debate if you aren't willing to listen and exchange. These are my views, I will respect your views too. Bring me your solutions, tell me a viable way to solve this problem we are facing today without war.
28 January 2007, I did it, then they did it.
I actually remembered to pay my internet bill a day before it would be turned off. Then they turned it off anyway. Let's just hypothesize that this put me in me in a bad mood.....yeah, it wouldn't be good. Luckily I was at the office late last night and decided to do my post while I was waiting on some things. Anyway, it's up and running again, so I'm good for another 30 days.
It seems everyone needs our conference room these days. As I mentioned yesterday, we are attempting to build a new wall in it allowing for storage behind it and a projection screen on the front as well as a television cubby. I was only able to work on it for 2 hours today, and we should finish up tomorrow with few, if any problems.
The weather is getting much nicer now with temperatures hitting mid 40's. I'm sure Sarge Charlie can tell many stories about being in the mud. For the most part, we are on a concrete pad, but it seems I'm always needing to travel to the parts of the camp that are just mud. Luckily I had experience getting dirty when I was a kid, so I don't mind it too much. I just try to get my boots cleaned somewhat before heading back to my room.
I guess that's about it for today. Be safe and have a good day.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

27 January 2007, A good day.
The reason I'm running late tonight is because we had a presentation for the other Afghan that helped Rambo at the front gate. He has asked to remain anonymous as much as possible because he is concerned for his and his family's safety. I can understand his reluctance. This incident has been stressful on him and he is concerned that his photo may jeopardize his life and that of his family if insurgents did get it. He has asked to be able to move to the United States. We are currently working on finding out what needs to happen to facilitate that. Of course, once he and his wife are in the United States, he has to decide where he would want to live, get a place, a job, basically start from scratch. I can't believe the undertaking this would involve. He was telling me tonight tat he does have experience with computers, but would need to 'train up' for a couple of months to regain those skills. I'll keep you updated on what is happening with him. Rambo is a different story all together. Just shortly after the EOD team detonated the vehicle bomb he managed to grab lunch and was eating it at the scene. He feels he did nothing extraordinary and already see the threat for his life by being so visible at the front gate. He has told us he will remain on Camp Phoenix for as long as Americans are there.
In other news, well there isn't much other news. I spent about 3 hours working on building a new wall in our conference room. We were moving along at a decent pace when we realized there was going to be a briefing in just over an hour in that room. Needless to say, we had to stop building and start cleaning, as well as reassemble everything that was needed for the briefing. We kicked it into overdrive and got things back in order with time to spare. I guess we will be back at it tomorrow.
Be safe and have a good day.

Friday, January 26, 2007

26 January 2007,
When the cat is away, the mice will play. You've heard that before. Well, LTC Y went on leave earlier this month. On his way back, his plane had a few problems and they had to land someplace else. Now, as of today, he's been in that other location for 4 days. He has become so desperate that he has told us if we can get him in the same region he'll ride in the back of a jingle truck to get here. I offered to get a Ford Ranger pick-up and go get him, but the idea of a U.S. soldier traveling through Iran, Iraq and a few more countries would probably stir a little more attention than he wants, then there's that "Wrong Way" nickname I have.
If you are sensitive nature about the War on Terrorism then please skip to End Soap Box.
[SOAP BOX] I'm getting tired of the media, polls, and Congress. I know a lot of soldiers who are feeling the same way. Look, if those in Congress are too much of a coward to say something, mean it, stick to it, bleed for it, then we don't need you representing us or getting in our way. Step down from office and let us get someone up there that will work for the people. The latest poll I've seen talked about is supposed to represent what the military soldiers are thinking right now. The media has the gull to say that we don't support the war in Iraq, (remember I'm in the forgotten war, Afghanistan). Now, there are approximately 143,000 soldiers currently on the ground in Iraq and they use a poll of 900 to to say how we feel, and then contort the answers to lie about the outcome. It is my honor and privilege to help another country attempt to capture what we have taken for granted in America. I have tried hard not to make this site political and I will continue to try, but every now and then I have to speak out. See sidebar for Official Disclaimer. If it was up to me, we would have 100,000 American troops in Afghanistan working the northern border down to the southern eliminating the enemy and their foothold in this country, and 300,000 to 400,000 in Iraq. You can't fight a war with your hands bound behind you. You can't sit back and wait for the enemy to come to you. That's what led to 9/11. Oh, but the cost...of lives....of money. What about it? We lost 3,000 people in the span of 45 minutes, costing our country billions in the span of an average television program. Did you forget how many people work in those two towers, what the real cost was supposed to be in human life? God was watching over us. I would rather spend money, equipment, and if need be the lives of those who are willing to defend our country from the enemy than to allow them the opportunity to strike our innocents again. If you truly support the troops, then tell your Congress representatives to give us what we need to win! Failure is not a viable option and makes the lives we've lost so far meaningless. Those lives from 9/11, from Afghanistan, from Iraq have meaning, that meaning is Freedom. [End Soap Box]
Not much else is happening here. I spent all day in the office doing paperwork, my cell phone only rang once. 1SG R and I get to build a wall in our conference room tomorrow allowing for a projector screen and t.v. to be installed. The weather has been nicer and the snow and ice are melting. Be safe and have a good day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

25 January 2007, I'm a Winner!
Queen Mimi declared that I had the best score in the Comeback Challenge this week. I must say, I was stunned. There is a great deal of comic talent assembled for this contest. Click here if you haven't read the responses by everyone yet. As the winner this week, I get this really cool button over your right, no the other right, yeah, there. Thank you to everyone who came over to say congrats.
I've been checking out more Milblogs (military blogs) lately. There are quite a few that range from personal stuff, like mine, to news coverage by current and former military personnel. I've noticed for the still active guys and gals out there, they are putting up a disclaimer on their sidebar, to avoid any problems. I didn't have one as you know by now, I keep my site fairly clean of any problems. There are times when I start typing several lines in a post and then quickly backspace it into oblivion as I thought better of revealing such information. As you can see, today's word is 'oblivion'. Looking at Merriam-Webster (which I keep next to the computer) it says "1. the condition of being oblivious". Now I had to look up oblivious. "1. lacking memory or mindful attention 2. see Sgt Dub"
Anyway, I am a rebel most of the time, but I know the do's and don'ts and merely push the line instead of stepping over it.
Mrs. Dub got tagged by the meme going around right now, and felt if she had to do, so did I. Shall we dance?

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? North-Western Oklahoma on a simple 4,000 acre ranch.

2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? wranglers and boots, you really can't separate them, it's like one article

3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? eyes

4. What’s the last CD that you bought? Luke Stricklin, American by God's Amazing Grace, (another soldier from Iraq)

5. Where’s your favorite place to be? at home with the family

6. Where is your least favorite place to be? any traffic accident that involves more than 2 cars

7. What’s your favorite place to be massaged? shoulders

8. Strong in mind or strong in body? continual work on both

9. What time do you wake up in the morning? 0543 hrs

10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? currently my microwave

11. What makes you really angry? stupidity in full swing

12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? guitar

13. Favorite colour? Orange

14. Which do you prefer…sports car or SUV? SUV, full size, not that mini-let's look so cute thing

15. Do you believe in an afterlife? my God says there is one for me

16. Favorite children’s book? Danny and the Dinosaur

17. What is your favorite season? Fall

18. Your least favorite household chore? cleaning my office

19. If you could have one super power, what would it be? speed

20. If you have a tattoo, what is it? just one, it's a ....just kidding, I thought I would get Mrs. Dub on that one

21. Can you juggle? two easily, three with my tongue sticking out and making the funny face

22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to? my mom

23. What’s your favorite day? Tuesday

24. What’s in the trunk of your car? I drive a truck

25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger? cheeseburger, come on.

Okay folks, there's mine and Mrs. Dub has hers posted too. Be safe and have a good day.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 January 2007, More snow?
Yes, I woke up this morning and found it snowing again. The good kind of snow that packs easy, not that I made any snowballs to throw at people, I'm just saying. By afternoon it was just raining.
I'm back to mainly working in the office now that things are semi back to normal here. We got to watch most of the State of the Union Speech by President Bush this morning. I just love the commentary after any speech. Someone mentioned that President Bush spoke 3,200 words before mentioning Iraq. Then all the headlines on the internet news outlets say, "Bush Puts Focus on Iraq" What were these reporters doing for the first 3,000 words, getting hot dogs?
For those interested I did make it back to the gym last night and did ab lab. I haven't made it to any cardio workouts since last week, and I'm ready to get back to that too. I weighed in last night at 238 lbs with my shoes on so I've done ok.
Mrs. Dub wanted me to send a new picture to her, so she could see me. Then she asked if I had grown my mustache back yet. I told her no, I still had some time to do that. She said she didn't want a picture then, what do you think? Ok, here's how I fixed that problem. Let me know which one you like.

This is how I look at the moment, not a bad looking guy, right?
Ah, Jimmy Buffet and the pencil thin mustache above.
This is what I actually had when I met Mrs. Dub. This, my starched shirt and cowboy hat pulled down low.

I only get to grow my
goatee when I'm not working
for the police department
or the military, so it doesn't
happen often, but this is
what I perfer.
Well, let's take a poll and see which looks gets the most votes. Be safe and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

23 January 2007, Shhh! Nobody make a sound. I have received very few phone calls today and am now hiding in my room. I figure this post should take a couple of hours to finish, as I'm typing one keystroke, waiting and listening, then typing the next keystroke. I don't want any noise to "AACHHOOO!" oops. Ok, that didn't work.
Today has been pretty good. Most of the local Afghans have been compensated for the damages from last weeks events. Most aren't satisfied with the amounts they got, but it was certainly more than fair.
Tonight is ab lab, I should go. We will see. I haven't been to the gym since last Tuesday when all this broke out. I know I need to be there and continue working at the weight lost. I'm pretty sure the gym is still in the same place.
I had to do a sworn statement for my involvement in last weeks event. I told them I didn't do it, but they still wanted the statement. I had planned for such, so all I had to do was pull it up and print it.
The weather looks like we will be in the 40's for the next week, so I'm seeing snow mounds disappearing now. I've seen that in my comments and on your blogs that a lot of you suffered some winter weather too, except California, they're still on the beaches. Not much else to report. Be safe and have a good day.

Monday, January 22, 2007

22 January 2007, Let the thaw begin!
Yep, we went all the way up to the 40's today. It felt much nicer between the hours of 11 and 1500. I have my reasons for wanting more cold, more snow, more ice, but I really am ready to get warm again. Especially in my little connex. Oh well, part of the hell of war. Sarge Charlie has been posting pictures of how he had to live in Vietnam and I really have no room to complain. You go back to Korea, and World War II and they would give up so much to live like we do now. Yes, I'm spoiled, but that's not news to anybody. One of the many reasons I'm not Infantry.
I'm also confused on my days, somehow I'm running a day ahead of the rest of the camp, so I'm not sure where I'm suppose to be or when. Luckily, I have so many friends here to help direct me.
As some of you can see, I'm also running behind a little on my posting. As soon as I finish here, I have some more things to take finish. I started this morning by getting chewed out by an anonymous person. He was cold, so he wore his fleece jacket and stocking cap. We had someone make the decision to take name tapes and rank off these outer garments, my thoughts are they were officers and didn't want to be bothered with saluting all the time. We enlisted hate to be an inconvenience to them. Anyway, I might have given the impression I really didn't care, so he wanted to know who he could chew out. I gave up a First Lieutenant. Hey, I only requested certain things, I didn't make them appear. Disclaimer (A. I am very good at laterally transferring certain military items for the good of the Army when needed. B. I have enough sense not to broadcast it by putting it where everyone would see) Anyone needing spare parts to a jeep? Just kidding. when it was all said and done, I got exactly what I asked for, however, towards the middle of the day I actually had more and that would have been better for me and my crew.
Well, I've run out of things to say right now. Be safe and have a good day. For all of you who stop recognizing Monday, Happy Funday.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

You Were Born Under:

You've got a ton of energy - and need plenty of room to roam.
You tend to follow your whims, and it's hard for you to stick to one thing.
Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long.
Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.

You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.

Picked this up from Desert Songbird. Whew, after that, I'm exhausted and going to bed.
21 January 2007, Today was a better day as far as getting things accomplished. Right now though, I'm cold. I have been outside for the last couple of hours and as soon as that sun starts setting it gets cold.
I'm cooking some Ramen noodles in my room so I don't have to get out for dinner. Problem is I need to go pick up my laundry so I'm getting out anyway, now I can just limit it.
Last night was poker night and I forgot all about it. I really don't mind too much as I got to read all my usual blog sites and Lizza at I am Woman See Me Blog gave us all some new blogs to check out too. This looks like it's going to be a short post today. Be safe and have a good day.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

20 January 2007, Who I am.
I stated this versus "Who am I?" I got to thinking about this after visiting Claire's site at A little piece of me. Claire is working on her schooling to become a counselor. Part of her class assignments this term is looking at herself. I thought about this yesterday. Why, because as I stood next to the man that had tried to kill me earlier in the week, I realized, I really didn't have any hatred or anger towards him. Should I? On one side, heck yeah! During previous wars, you fought soldiers, men who were taking orders. This isn't the case today. Suicide bombers volunteer for these missions. What motivated this man to want to kill himself and take out as many Americans as he could with him? For this reason alone, I should hate him, a small part wants to, and wants to help grant his wish of meeting his maker. But the larger part of me, the part that is me, actually feels pity for the man. He appeared to be around 60, for an Afghan this is old, for the life expectancy of the average Afghan male is around 47. He appeared to be uneducated, a farmer perhaps. For half of his life, he has seen war in his country, besides any family he might have had, I'm sure he has seen little happiness and joy in his country. Now, he is a captured enemy combatant, no joy there.
So I continued thinking after I went to bed last night. I realized that most of my life, I have considered different paths that all lead to helping others. Hence, the reason I'm a police officer and a soldier. I see so many people who get out of these lines of work because they are fed up with the red tape and bureaucracies. It is usually the people who have the capabilities and abilities to actually solve the problems that leave. I look at each job with the attitude of "what can I do to make it better?" This is probably one of the reasons I want to run for state office someday. I've actually wanted that since I was 19. (remember, procrastination). This mentality of mine is also why I was upset a few days ago. I'm trying to make things better for those working with us.
Do you know who you are? Have you looked inside yourself and figured out what it is you are here to do? What's next for you? What's next for me? dinner.
Be sure and check out my other post today below. Be safe and have a good day.
20 January 2007, Dating Comeback Challenge.
It has been a challenge too. Mimi from Mimi Writes, also has another site where she lists 10 statements people wrote trying to get dates. The spelling and grammar mistakes are left alone. Mimi then sends it out to us to make up comebacks. Due to the events earlier this week, I missed the deadline to submit my responses. I have listed them here today. For the rest of the field and their scores, check them out here.

So, here we go.
1. I am devorced but not better. Life is to short to be better. I try to look at the brieght side of things.I have not dated for 19 years so this is a strang feeling but good.
Do Do Dee, I’m sorry, you’ve reached a number that is no longer in service.

2. Oh, and the picture of the little boy is me when I was 5. Yes, that is an expert level lego for ages 16. That has been my primary source of pride throughout my life. When you said you were in construction, I thought you meant a paying job?

3. You must be within 25 miles of my city!! Why 25 miles? Because it's divisible by five. That's a reasonable distance to jump in my car and meet up and do stuff. Drat, I just check my mileage and I’m at 27 miles, well, good luck.

4. My best feature is my smill my highthim 6'3" tall and I shave my head.
Your worst feeture is yur spilling, and I think you are shaving too closely.

5. Well? Are you just Going to Stand There? No, just going.

6. I'm an easy going guy that aims to please and doesn't require much maintenance. The type that can take structural criticism without getting my feelings hurt.
Well then, let’s get started on that criticism.

7. All these heads and games what a waist.
I take it you work in a ‘body’ shop.

8. The simple thinks are the most important to me.
Yes, I can see we will need to keep this very simple.

9. Single guy looking for someone who is comfortable sitting at home or going out. Someone not worried about whether people see them dirty. My likes are wide. Yes, I’m quite fine sitting at home or going out. Send me a post card sometime.

10. Hi, I guess to make sure we are on the same page. I do not play head games, and want a relationship based on lies, or drama!! Well, I’d love to go out but I’m washing my hair, and then…Oh My Gosh, there’s a dead body in the bathroom, I’ve gotta go.

Friday, January 19, 2007

19 January 2007, A Better Day.
Well, today was better for many reasons, most of all everyone decided to leave me alone. I still woke up grumpy, but that changed soon. I noticed on the news a lot of my cousins, the bears were waking up early from hibernation and that might have also cause the attitude change.
The Illusionist was a pretty good movie. My only real complaint is how dark the picture is. In a theater it works ok, but on a laptop I mainly have voices on a dark screen. The storyline flowed, the actors and characters were good and the plot was.....Well, I won't give that to you. I liked it.
Tonight is steak and seafood night, guess I'm having a baked potato and a salad, we'll know in a little bit. As I've mentioned, don't ever let an oil company fix your steak, it smells great at 10 in the morning, but by the time you get it.......I'll just wait until I get home and have a real steak.
Miss Dub managed to get the entire week off from school. She'll have to make up some of the snow days during the rest of the term. She was very excited to finish her room earlier this week, and now has computer privileges restored. My neighbors back home have been great, Rich has been helping with getting hay for the horses, keeps a close eye on the place while Mrs. Dub is at work and is a great neighbor. Michael stopped by earlier this week and grated the driveway to break up the ice and level it out. I have enjoyed the country life a lot more than the city, although it took Mrs. Dub about a year to get comfortable. We experienced a few problems with the house in the beginning, but everything is working fine for the moment. I found out our town is getting a Tractor Supply Company of its own, and all I can say is Yahoo! (Tim Allen, tools, tractors, grunts)
Not much else to report today, all is well for now. Be safe and have a good Friday.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

18 January 2007, 1. I'm Grumpy! 2. I'm Upset!
These are rare traits that few have every witnessed. Granted, I'm only an E-7, but when I put things into motion to correct issues, I don't expect incompetent people to come in behind me and put out conflicting information. I don't care what their rank is. I've been grumpy since yesterday as things I identified the day before needed to be addressed and weren't. Now today, things are still just as bad. For the last couple of hours, I'm learning who is undermining my efforts with nonsense or no coordination and this is putting me into the angry category. Fortunately for everyone, I don't stay that way for long. Ok, enough of that.
Hopefully, the Army will leave me the heck alone for the rest of the day, I'm not very hopeful about it though. Anyway, I ordered a movie from Amazon, The Illusionist, starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel, and Paul Giamatti. It was reviewed on SQT-fantasy-sci-fi-girl by Stewart Sternberg. I am wanting to watch it tonight. (Next movie) The scariest movie I can ever remember was an old black and white one, it was about cobras being transported by plane over the United States. Well, a crate broke, the snakes got loose and bit everyone, Apparently, these snakes had the ability to transform other people bitten into snakes too. Terrible stuff, I don't know what effect it would have on me now, but then, I was terrified. As I mentioned in a meme last week, when watching scary movies, I turn on lights, lots of them. My biggest problem with snakes are that they sneak up on you. You never see them until they are between your feet. If they came with little snake bells that jingled when they slithered, I would have no problem at all. I can pick them up, hold them, beat them, any or all of the above, just as long as I know they are there. Well, tomorrow night I will be watching Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson. I haven't seen it yet, but it just reminds me of the old movie that set my fear in motion, and I'm gonna watch it.
I woke up this morning to snow. Yep, it's back. We had about 1-2" by the time I woke up and it's snowed all day with an accumulation of around 4-6" now. It's a light fluffy snow, packs ok, but not nearly enough density to throw a good snowball with. I did step out of grumpy after cleaning off a windshield with a brush and knock a whole lot of snow on my Lt. He, however, didn't get as much gratification out of it as I did.
Everything else is going pretty good. We are busy and that helps pass the time. Be safe and have a good day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17 January 2007, The Day After.
Well, today is a better day to tell you about yesterday. At around 9 am a subject attempted to drive a VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) into our camp and blow it up. Due to safety measures in place, good training by all personnel at the front gate, and good luck, he was unable to detonate the bomb prior to being restricted, removed and secured. We are thankful and grateful that those involved were able to prevent this action. I was in the area at the time that this occurred and was able to get to safety. With the subject now secured, we had to deal with the vehicle in the gate area. This required EOD to come and attempt to identify and remove the threat. After a couple of hours I found myself outside the wire with EOD when the vehicle detonated. I do listen to the little voices in my head, and when there appeared to be a small chance an explosion would occur based on the actions by EOD, I took cover inside one of their vehicles. This was a good decision because we became that small chance. The explosion was large enough to blow out windows in buildings up to 200 meters away.
I know, a lame excuse for not posting yesterday and missing ab lab, but I use what I have. Today was spent working on yesterday's events and attempting to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. No one on post was injured during the events and only minor injuries to local Afghans occurred due to flying glass. We responded quickly to those and assisted them.
Well, just got a phone call and it's back to the grind stone. Be safe and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

16 January 2007, I'm here. I see that some of you are getting a little worried, thank you. I'm ok. Everyone on camp is ok, despite the fact that we had an incident at the front gate today. It's after 10 pm now, I still have to take a shower and be up at work by 6, maybe 630 tomorrow. I will let you know more then. Be safe and have a good day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

15 January 2007, Meetings. Happy MLK Day and Happy Funday.
I've been moving from meeting to meeting since 1430 hrs this afternoon. I am sitting in the office now, awaiting yet another meeting that won't happen till 1900 hrs. I'm ready to go back to my room, but why get comfortable when I would just have to get back up. So I wait. (Remember, none of this is stressful, I just like to complain)
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A remarkable man who would roll over in his grave at the way people are still acting today. I read just the other day that the new Black Panther Party is wanting to start a war with the police and government in Los Angeles. I don't think this was what Dr. King had in mind.
And to Michael at The Wonderful World of Nothing, Happy Funday. Michael is working to change Monday, which very few people like, to Funday. He believes it could revolutionize the way we do business and the way we take off. He has an amazing talent of taking headline stories and running off with them. If you haven't checked out his site before, I encourage you to check it out.
There was an explosion somewhere near our camp today. Every one's best guess at this time was it was an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). We believe it was from a negligent discharge by the local police. Yes, back home in the United States, police departments all over the country are striving to find 'less lethal' weaponry, and here in Afghanistan, the police departments issue RPGs. Back home you may get 'tasered', bean-bagged', or 'pepper sprayed'. Here in Afghanistan, if run, you and everything in a 20 meter radius might get destroyed. Hmmmmm.
In other news, January is now almost half way over, and time is still moving at a good pace for us. There's more talk each day about what needs to get done so we can leave. Like I said, July 4th will be my first holiday back home, so you can see we are eager.
I'm going, going, going to get enrolled in my algebra class tomorrow. At least, I think I'll do it tomorrow. 1SG R is needing to take the class also, and we think we could work together to get through it. This one will be on post, so I won't have the internet class problems I had this last time.
I did my cardio workout this morning, and had a subway sandwich for lunch. I am heading to dinner in a few minutes, since I have the next meeting in the DFAC, I'll just eat before that starts. Be safe and have a good day.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

14 January 2007, Late Again.
Wow, guess I'm either getting out more or just getting older and slower. I'll opt for A. We ran to the British Camp tonight for a meeting (code word for dinner) and got back about 1830 hrs (630pm). I had a project to finish up in the office, then called home to see how things were. Mrs. Dub said the next and worst storm this weekend was just now hitting Oklahoma, but everything was still working fine at the moment. I finally made it to my room at 8 pm and decided to get a shower before getting on-line.
Poker was fun, glad it's not my money I'm losing. I didn't last quite as long as I did on the week before, but I'm enjoying it. The weather was a little nicer with temps almost hitting 40 degrees. This melted some more snow and ice and felt much better being outside. I lifted weights this morning. We quite a little early and had Subway for lunch. I found out a little later that the DFAC (dining hall) had fried cheese sticks, so I ended up there a couple hours later to get some, but stopped at only 4 sticks. I typically don't like hot tea, but the British make it so darn good I couldn't resist, and it's not too hot to drink. They had my chocolate milk over there tonight so I ended up buying some to brink back to my room. A well stocked frig is always an essential in a war zone.
I took a reading quiz over at ShadowFalcon's site and some how it made me buy four books at the PX the next day. I picked up classics. Gulliver's Travels, Poems and Stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Moby Dick and The Red Badge of Courage. I will need to get started on these so I can finish them and send them to my daughter to read. She enjoys reading and writing and exposure to actual classics could help.
Here are a couple more pictures from Saturday, enjoy.

Be safe and have a good day.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 January 2007, I'm back. Where did I go? Well, I'll tell you. It started yesterday afternoon when we received word that a security company based in Kabul had a convoy south of Kabul that had been hit by a vehicle bomb. We had dispatched a section to go check it out, but by the time they got there it had already turned dark, and they came back. They were set to go out again this morning to recover the vehicle that had been hit, and I was sent along to....well, to investigate the scene. We arrived and found that the vehicle had been moved off to the side of the road. After checking the area to make sure it was safe, I began taking pictures and some measurements. We finally got both vehicles loaded up on the back of a flat bed and returned to base camp. The security company only had one injured person and that was minor, and the driver of the suicide vehicle died. This attack was unusual in several ways, but we won't be discussing that.
It was just nice to get out of the office and I went to a new part of the country I hadn't been to before. I did get cold, and am still trying to warm back up.

I was tagged by Just Me at Simple Me, the tag is simply name 5 things people didn't know about me.
1. I have the nickname of 'Wrong Way' by both the police department and the military, but I only miss it by a block.
2. If I watch scary movies by myself, I usually have a lot of lights on in the house.
3. I work better off the cuff than prepared.
4. When I was in elementary school I learned how to write with my left hand, just in case I ever broke my right arm.
5. I attempted to join the Army in 1991 during Desert Storm.
I'll post a couple more pictures tomorrow and let you know how I did at poker tonight. Be safe and have a good day.

Friday, January 12, 2007

12 January 2007, AAAAAAGGGHH!!!!! Yes, something happened to my internet service for about two hours this evening. When did it start? As I was trying to post today's blog. Yep, I know it's happened to some of you out there too. Frustrating isn't it? Anyway, I spent about an hour working on Mrs Dub and Miss Dub's site, adding links, and putting up counters. Speaking of Mrs. Dub, she did the silly meme tag and posted her answers on her site. She had some good answers.
I'm anxiously awaiting Mimi's dating comeback challenge answers. I can't wait to read all the answers people submitted. If you have noticed any new added sites on my sidebar, check them out. I will read a new site for a couple of weeks to make sure it meets my family friendly values before adding it over there. ---->
Today went pretty good, I didn't go to the gym this morning, so I'll have to make up for it tomorrow after work. I've decided to go play poker again tomorrow night, so that should be interesting. Mrs. Dub was hesitant about giving me my allowance this week when I told her that, but I reassured her we weren't gambling with money, (think she bought it?) I was watching the news and back home they are expecting an ice storm to hit today and throughout this weekend. Mrs. Dub was called this morning and told to stay home. She was very upset, (something about shopping....)
Great news! I found out from one of my partners back home that July 4th was on our days off. Party party. I just don't envy them this weekend with the weather. Tends to make things miserable. But I'm not there, so hey, things are good. (Sorry guys)
Well, that should wrap it up for today. Be safe and have a good day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

11 January 2006, I'm thankful. I'm thankful for many things, being an American, being free, having family and friends, and that I'm almost 10 1/2 hours ahead of America in time. Why? for a couple of reasons, my Monday is about over when yours is just starting, I get to Friday sooner than you do, and when I finally get to go home, I get to relive that 10 1/2 hours. Most people don't get that chance. During that short bit of time, I will get to reconnect with my family and it will be some of the most precious moments and cherished moments I will have, that and a real chili cheese foot-long.
I imagine several people have read other soldier's blog sites and wondered why I don't give more information about the events I see and encounter each day. Well, the simple reason is too much information can get soldiers hurt or killed, and I'm not willing to deal with that. I know that if someone was intent, they could research my entire blog and put together information, but you would have to work at it, and I'm not going to make it easy. My primary job here is to make sure that I get every soldier I brought from Oklahoma makes it back home in one piece and alive.
I spent most of the day revising a 13 page document so that we could use it better. Now, that was fun. If anyone has every read a military document and managed to stay awake during the read, you know it's a challenge. If they aren't using 8 different acronyms to describe one certain item, then they are using seven paragraphs to tell you what a stapler is used for. It's part of the horrors of war that you never hear. At least in battle you get to shoot at those that piss you off, in the office, well, suck it up. Of course, no one has me upset, today anyway.
We went to the gym this morning and lifted weights and I'm headed to ab lab tonight. I found some pictures of us from last January and I will be posting mine in an upcoming post to show you the before and now. Several people have done fantastic jobs in getting healthier, and I'm on the rise.
Not much else to report, be safe and have a good day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 January 2006, Part II, I just got tagged with a meme.
I've been tagged by Dixie in Tennessee who got tagged by Sanni in Germany who got tagged by Barb at Skittles, so this one has made it back and forth across this globe a couple of times.
Here we go:
1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Did I loose any more hair?

2. How much cash do you have on you? 22 dollars and a 50 Euro cent piece.

3. What's a word that rhymes with DOOR? Boar hehe

4. Do you label yourself? Um, I have a name tag and a US Army tag on my shirt, so yes.

5. Bright or Dark Room? Bright

6. Why is there always a missing question? If you ask that, isn't it filled then.

7. What does your watch look like? A Timex Ironman Triathalon

8. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping

9. Where is your nearest 7-11? in the U.S., but at home it's about 3 1/2 miles away.

10. What's a word that you say a lot? Sir

11. Who told you he/she loved you last? Do to Army regulations I'm not allowed to disclose what "he" said, but my wife Mrs. Dub said it to me 11 hours ago.

12. Last furry thing you touched? Does washing my back count?

13. How many rolls of film do you need developed? None, switched to digital

14. Favorite age you have been so far? my favorite number 32.

15. Your worst enemy? hmm, in a war zone.......let's's coming to me......oh yes, Osama and his momma

16. What is your current desktop picture? Would you believe Mrs. Dub on our horse TwoBit.

17. What was the last thing you said to someone? No, I didn't do that yet, goodbye LT.

18. The last song you listened to? This was the hard question, as I'm listening to my IPOD while on the computer, right now is Big and Rich, Leap of Faith.

19. What time of day were you born? around 2 in the morning

20. What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Lift front of machine approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches and let it drop. If that didn't shake it out, then it's lost.

21. Do you consider yourself kind? 95% of the time, the other 5% is for mischievousness

22. What's your life motto? I was put here to make people smile, (and I do accept challenges)

23. Name three things you have on you at all times? Dog tags, watch, my grin

24. Can you change the oil on a car? yes, since I was ten

25. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper adn mailed it? Since this deployment, we get letters from school children and churches, and I have written some of them back, so probably 3 months ago.
Now, I'm suppose to tag someone........TAG, you're it, if you want to be. I won't put anyone on the spot today. Thanks for letting me play along Dixie.
10 January 2007, Was anyone else having problems with Blogger yesterday? At one point I got a notice saying they were doing maintenance, but I also saw something about a possible virus. Well, we are still here so I guess everything is ok.'t we? Today went better, but we are going to be seeing more work, yip...yip...yipee. I guess it gives me something to do while I eat my lunch at my desk. I had all those spare minutes were I wasn't productive. No, really, it's not that bad, I just like to complain.
I did make it back to the gym this morning for my cardio workout. LT S was trying to give me grief this morning for missing the ab workout last night. I don't rile very easy and certainly not about working out. I'm not sure if I'm needing more sleep or less, but I seem tired more during the afternoons. Of course, at my age, I'm also trying to convince them I need an afternoon nap after lunch. I actually forwarded an article to my bosses about businesses in Singapore allowing naps to increase productivity. They didn't bite. ( I won't say they were asleep when they opened the email).
The weather was just a few degrees warmer but the sun was out and made for a nice afternoon. Of course, it's hump day for the week and we are on the down hill slide towards the weekend. I'm ready, are you? Not much else to report on my end, be safe and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

09 January 2007, Well, this is the second night in a row that I'm getting back to my room late, tonight wasn't quite as enjoyable as yesterday. Don't worry, nothing happened to our soldiers over here, just administrative things going on that just don't lend themselves to pleasantness. It seems my days are starting to get a little more busier, you'd think after 7 months we would have things down pretty good. But after that long, people just get worn down and start making stupid mistakes. We are just working on getting things back on track.

I am missing Ab lab right now, so that isn't good. I'm worn out from the day so I'll just sit back and relax for a few minutes. In that relaxation, I'm listening to Keni Thomas' CD "Flags of Our Fathers, A Soldier's Story". If you remember Keni came to Camp Phoenix during the Christmas USO tour. I found his CD on He had mentioned to me that I wouldn't find it in our PX. I'm glad to say that I saw his CD in the PX here just last week and they sold them all. If you are any kind of patriot, I encourage you to order this CD. Keni wrote each song and speaks from the heart as a former Ranger who served well.
Well, you will have to excuse me now, it's time to call home and talk with Mrs. Dub. Be safe and have a good day.

Monday, January 08, 2007

08 January 2006, Good food. We just got back from a meeting with Coalition Forces and stopping at the Kabul International Airport to pick up a couple of soldiers. While waiting at the airport, we went ahead and had dinner at the Thai restaurant. Tonight I was planning on having microwavable hamburger helper in my room, but instead had grilled chicken strips with peanut sauce and spring rolls. This was much better. They actually have those eating utensils that aren't made out of plastic. The cold spell is still here with temperatures hanging around 35 during the day and dropping into single digits for night time. I went to bed early last night, 8:40 p.m. and woke up at 9:30 p.m. to realize that the heat had gone off in my room. We have electricity hiccups every now and then and it's enough to shut off the heat pumps.
This morning was my cardio workout. Even though I'm officially off the fat-boy workout program I will continue it so I can do even better. I followed it up with some sit-ups before going back to work.
Mimi over at Mimi Writes has a couple of other blogs that she does, one is a site about dating. Well, she comes up with a list of comments people have posted, either internet dating or newspaper I'm not sure, but it's almost like Jay Leno's headlines segment. Well, she sends out the list and challenges us to come up with responses. This was my first one, but it looked like a lot of fun. We will have to wait a couple of days and see how I did.
Not much else to report on today, all was quiet. Be safe and have a good day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

07 January 2007, Well, it's been a good weekend so far. As I mentioned in my comments from last post, I chose to go play poker. Actually, I chose to just stay in my room, but LT S called and told me to get over there. The tournament was Texas Hold'em. Last night wasn't a "points" night, so just mainly for fun and some prizes. Out of the 65 players last night, I finished somewhere around 45th. Really not bad, since just getting to know the flow of the game at the table was half of my time. I lasted about 45 minutes and was then able to bow out (I lost all my chips) and head back to my room.
CPT C and I went to the gym this morning and lifted weights. That felt pretty good. the day went well and the time continues to pass at a good pace for us. My Air Force personnel are in their short-timer status now, and feel it necessary to rub it in frequently.
I guess everyone feels the need to rub it in some, the Dub girls hooked up the horse trailer yesterday and went shopping at Tractor Supply. I know that doesn't sound like much, but remember guys love stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and guys with land like Atwoods and Tractor Supply. To own a couple hundred acres and have the horses and livestock to go with it would be great. With just my 5 acres right now, my chores at home this summer will hopefully include building a barn, welding together a pipe and cable fence , interior pipe fencing for the arena and runs, and setting the floor for the arena so the girls can practice barrels and poles. And I'm ready to get started. I just wish I wasn't losing so much time from the spring when the weather gets nice. Guess I'll just work with what I have.
All was quiet in Kabul today and the weather is hanging around 35 degrees mark much of the week. At least the sun is out. Well, be safe and have a good day.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

06 January 2006, Now you know.
Mrs. Dub is like most wives and likes to tell those little secrets about their husbands that we just as soon leave put. Although, most times I wear my trials and tribulations as a badge of honor. Why? Because I am one of those people who can learn my mistakes. The first time I went on a snow ski trip is an example. Having never been on skis and already a ripe old age of 16, I attempted going down the big hill first, with as much success as you would expect from a first time run. I quickly decided to move to the bunny slope, where for the next few hours I just practiced falling down. I figured if I got the falling part under my belt and out of the way, I could concentrate on the skiing next. By that afternoon I was all over the slopes and still standing.
The example of my driving my truck into flood waters is another case. First, what no one in the family will admit was that I made it to the house. I just didn't manage to keep the truck at the house. However, within the year I was at Ft. Mclellan, Alabama in 1995 and the Army training me the proper way to drive through high waters, and I'm talking about an extensive course that included a 4 foot deep water tank about 35 feet long that we had to drive through. Lesson learned. I used this in the flood waters in New Orleans last year when we arrived to assist with Hurricane Katrina.
Now lets fast forward to today. Nothing happened, but I was completely trained for that too. I left the office at 1500 hrs and came back to my room where I spent the next hour cleaning and straightening it. Mrs. Dub will tell you that an hour is probably right for a room this size, 8x9. My big dilemma tonight is choosing between Ab Lab and playing poker at the DFAC (no money involved, just an MWR event). They start at the same time. Guess I'll let you know which way I chose. Be safe and have a good day.

Friday, January 05, 2007

05 January 2007, Friday Friday.
Who doesn't love Friday? Even though the weekend for me is just the same as the week, it's still a milestone I love to greet each week. It's amazing that even 22 years after high school, I still look at summer as a time to be off. Maybe one day, (lottery) I can do that again.
This morning was official weigh in at the company. I weighed in at 238 lbs, but....I lost 2 % body fat, YEAH!! I actually meet the Army standards for body fat now, but they still think I'm 50 lbs to heavy. I'll agree with 20-30lbs. I guess that Jared's Subway Diet has helped me. The Ab Lab and cardio have helped out some too. Now that the crud is just about completely gone, I should be hitting the gym even harder this month. How did I celebrate? I had a mushroom burger and fries from Dairy Queen. Yes, I realize this defeats the purpose, but hey, it's darn good. Some people have gone as far as to say I'm weird, these are the people who know me, listen to them.
CPT C and I were talking about my blog. It bothers him that I end sentences with prepositions. I don't know if it sounds more like Yoda or not, but I try to use correct grammar, I just like prepositions. I blame School House Rocks...."Conjunction junction, what's your function?" I'm pretty sure they taught me better than this and in no way am I saying School House Rocks is at fault. (I don't need a lawsuit)
Not much to report on my end. I hope all is well with you. Be safe and have a good day.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

04 January 2007, Running behind.
My day has been a little busier than normal, but only enough that I'm just a little behind my normal schedule. All things considered, it still isn't that bad. I figured since a lot of new people are reading this blog now, and I do appreciate it, I would take a moment and explain a little more of what we are doing here. Currently there are several levels of operations here in Afghanistan. Our mission at Camp Phoenix is the training of the Afghanistan National Army and more recently started training the Afghanistan National Police. With the Army we established a basic training center where all new recruits go. Upon completion some are sent to officer's training course or non-commissioned officer's course. Once this is complete the unit or Kandak is assembled and given a location to operate out of. The country is broken down into corps. Once the kandak is put together, MTTs (mobile training teams) or ETTs (Embedded training teams) are assigned to the kandak that go down range. The ETTs stay with the new formed and trained unit and assists them in carrying out more training and actual operations. This mission started in 2002 with the Special Forces, followed by the 10th Mountain Division, then was handed off the the National Guard units. I was with Oklahoma National Guard in the 2003-2004 rotation, and then came home. Indiana, then Florida, and now Oregon is here now for the 2006-2007 rotation. Oregon National Guard is a sister unit of Oklahoma along with Arkansas making up the 7th ID. Camp Phoenix is located in the capital city of Kabul. ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) is responsible for the security of Kabul on the international side. Afghanistan is also responsible for the security here between the police and army forces. In the communities surrounding Camp Phoenix we are allowed to assist with some reconstruction, building schools, water wells, clinics and mosques. We also put on medical clinics assisting the locals and helping with their medical needs. We get donations from all over the U.S. and give these to those who will best put them to use. Our soldiers from Camp Phoenix are spread throughout the country. Although Kabul is relatively safe there are still insurgents attempting to discourage us and discredit the Afghanistan government. You don't get much media coverage on the good things happening here in Afghanistan or in Iraq. This is a shame. Let me assure you that even though there are problems, there are definitely results that can be seen. I am proud of what we are doing here and can hold my head up high. Afghanistan will not be an overnight fix. This country is much like Germany or Korea after their respective wars. It will take time and money and faith, but I believe the people here are worth it. I have heard that the old king's palace was demolished yesterday. In it's day, it was a magnificent building, but progress is needing to be made now.
Be safe and have a good day.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

03 January 2007, Up to old tricks.
It's not an accurate title as the event I'm about to discuss happened last week. MAJ M stopped by and ask if I could make him a window frame for his office. You see, he doesn't have a window. What he had in mind was he had ordered some posters of scenic areas that he wanted to hang in front of his desk so that when he looked up it would be like looking out the window at something wonderful, instead of looking at plywood walls. Well, if you know me, it was something I would be happy to do. It took me about 3 hours over two days to get finished. Now MAJ M also mentioned that he didn't have any posters yet, but they would be here in a couple of weeks. Being the extraordinary soldier that I am, I decided to fix this problem for him too. I finished the frame and hung it on his wall, was able to construct a cardboard backing that would allow easy change of the posters, and had a picture placed inside the frame already. Let me share it with you now.

Well, MAJ M liked it or at least that it was funny enough to keep it up until the posters arrive. My next mischievous act, well, did I mention that LTC Y went on leave earlier this week. His office is completely defenseless, of course, he did manage to tell everyone I was not to be allowed anywhere near it. (Insert evil laugh here)
I have to say 1SG R is keeping a close eye on me and watching my every move.
I've decided to build myself a clothes hamper for the end of my desk. This will help out some in the room. That and getting some packages mailed out. I may try that tomorrow, although I have said that for about 13 days straight now. I did find out that the algebra class I'm considering taking doesn't start till the 16th of January, so I can put that off a little longer.
These are just some of the things that makes Mrs. Dub roll her eyes at me and also wanting to roll my head across the room. I heard in Saudi it's customary to leave a building or house unfinished. Apparently you don't pay taxes on the house until it is completed, so the house will be lived in for 30 years, but have scaffolding up to a second story window that only looks into an attic anyway, with trim left off that window. My kind of town, as this is typically my trade mark signature anyway. It also drives her crazy.
Not much really to report on today, we are staying safe, and just complaining about the cold temps. I'm the guy who wants to do six months in the Antarctic region because I think it's the coolest looking ribbon. I mean really, six months here, or six months there....not much difference to me.

Be safe and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

02 January 2007, Office in a bad mood.
My office consists of 1 Texas Longhorns fan, 1 Oklahoma State Cowboys fan, the rest Oklahoma Sooner fans. Well, Texas won their bowl game, OSU won their bowl game, Oklahoma.....well, the last 5 minutes of the game was exciting, but they lost. I will have to say that Boise State went with the attitude to win, and they did, ending their season undefeated. For the Sooner's....well, they just made working today miserable. All those folks from Oregon, who supported their Oregon Ducks, made that extra effort to come by the office today to "see how the game turned out", as if they didn't already know. Did I mention the Ducks lost their bowl game?
Today we worked on the inventory of equipment in the office and that was a little crazy. When we hit the ground back in June several people traded offices but left the computers, printers, etc, where it was. The inventory lists were all mixed up and after several hours, several huddles, I believe I at least my section squared away....again.
Miss Dub wanted me to let everyone interested know that her blog site is up and running, however, due to a lost password/unknown log-in error, she had to change sites. The new site is listed in the sidebar. Her mother's site is also listed and I imagine both will catch the bug full force very soon.
Here is a picture of me without the mustache. I really haven't been missing it much, I go from time to time with and without it, usually not very long without since Mrs. Dub likes it so much. I guess I get better looking with more of my face covered up.
Be safe and have a good day.

Monday, January 01, 2007

01 January 2007, A New Year.
Well, today was another slow day at the office as we wind down the holiday season. Today was a sunny, dry 32 degrees kind of day, but it was a great day none the less. Why? As Sarge Charlie said, I can at least say I'm coming home this year. July 4th will be the first holiday I will see at home and I think we are planning on a big party. As I stated in my July 4th post of 2006, the significance of helping another country establish their freedom and celebrating ours at the same time is something I will hold dearly.
Tomorrow will be back to business and it looks like we still have plenty to do. I really haven't set any new years resolutions, I plan to continue to work on losing weight and getting into a decent physical shape, to continue my college, (while trying hard not to be known as the oldest person to get their degree) I saw a news report last week where a 100 yr old man had just gotten his. Was that determination or procrastination? Anyway, most of what I want to accomplish is after I get home. I'm starting to research tractors and barns. I have a lot of chores on my little five acres that are missing me right now. Then Mrs. Dub also wants to start some remodeling. I'm ready.
I didn't take today off from the gym and did an hour of cardio. Tomorrow will be weights and abs. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of it and enjoying working out again.
I'll get a picture posted soon, be safe and have a good day.