sgtdub: March 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25 March 2008, It's Tuesday and back to school. I took today off from work for two reasons. One, I'm working tomorrow on my regular day off and so I've exchanged this one for that, and two, I need to get ready for school tonight. Uh, what a headache.
Over the last two weeks, the FFA Junior Livestock show occurred in our State Fairgrounds area, which has seen a major renovation over the last few years. It's looking pretty good. Well apparently, at the very beginning of the set up for the livestock show, there was an escape. A steer made it's way out and up onto the I-40 interstate highway. It decided to travel east in the west bound lanes before running across the three lanes of traffic and jumping the center concrete barrier and then crossing the east bound lanes. City officers managed to get it off the highway and down on the north bank of the Canadian River, which was also renovated. There we chased it up and down a one mile stretch until Animal Welfare showed up and managed to get a tranquilizer dart in it. We finally got it roped and tied down until a stock trailer could arrive. Now the steer didn't like us very much, and at one point it was me, him and a bunch of ropes. Eventually we got him in the stock trailer and away he went. During the escapades, we managed to stop for some photos, as another officer said this was as close as he has ever been to a real cow. Me, I grew up cleaning out cattle trailers at the stockyards in Woodward and actually love the smell of manure. I've only added the picture of me.

In other news, Miss Dub, after two years, finally got her braces off yesterday. It's a new smile.

Be safe and have a great day.