sgtdub: February 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

16 Feb 2009,
Good afternoon, and welcome to the Sgt Dub Breaking News, I'm your blog-host, Sgt Dub. Our first story comes out of California where 7 time Tour de France bicyclist Lance Armstrong has had his bicycle stolen. This is the 2nd such incident in California where a celebrity has had their bike stolen and offered a reward for it's safe return. You may remember the first such incident in 1985 when this individual had the same problem.

Yes, offering a reward only promotes theft of property rather than deter it. Lance, you probably should have gotten on the news and made this statement instead, "Guess what, you just stole a one of kind, unmistakable bicycle and whoever gets caught with it will go to jail, you won't be able to pawn it, you won't be able to ride it, you won't be able to sell it unless that person likes hiding their treasures, here is a picture of it, take a good look America, if you get caught in possession of this bicycle you will be arrested, tried and sentenced to go to jail. Have a nice day."
(disclaimer: Mrs Dub actually made this observation and I felt it was funny enough to elaborate.)


Our 2nd story is a technological sensation we haven't seen since December 31, 1999. That's right not since our fear that computers would discover the rollover from 1999 to 2000 and think it was 1900, realize they hadn't been invented and would just shut themselves down; the switch from analog to digital has this nation in a frenzy. Yes, so much so that the President wanted to put off the change to allow people the chance to make sure they could survive. Why, just today I saw one of our stations scrolling the statement across the television, "if you have cable or satellite you should be ok" I should be ok? They aren't certain? Oklahoma City has of course, opted to make the change tomorrow as previously scheduled and will move on with their lives. If this is my last blog you will now it's because my computer must have been analog and I no longer have reception.
This concludes our breaking news and we bring you back to your normal broadcasting.
I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day weekend. I took the girls to the PBR. Yes, nothing says I love you like watching someone ride a bull. Both Angela and Shelby went Saturday night and then Angela and I went back to watch the Sunday finals. Oklahoma's own Ryan Dirteater was 1.5 seconds from winning the whole thing, of course, on the back of a 2,000 lb bull, that's a long time. When I was 18, my dad offered to send me to a bull riding school, I respectfully declined. I have always loved the Rodeo and had hoped one day to participate in the Elks Rodeo in my hometown of Woodward, OK, but in something less dangerous. If I had my agility back I think I would make a good clown.
Be safe and have a great day.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

05 Feb 09,
Well, I think the entire family is finely on the healing side of life. It seems a bug has gone through the entire family. Poor Angela, she got the worst of it being sick from Sunday afternoon through today. She still doesn't sound that great but she's finally better. Monday was my day off and I spent the entire day taking care of them and ended up taking off two more days this week to help them out.
For my birthday, Angela, on her own, decided I needed a Blu-Ray DVD player to go with our new TV. Of course, she needed me to go and pick it out since she knew she didn't have a clue about them. Her got me to the store by saying she wanted to buy a movie. Now my issue is running the audio from the Blu-Ray to my old Sony Dream System DVD surround sound system using a fiber optic cable. I was able to get the front speakers done but need to figure out the entire surround sound problem or I will be forced to buy a new theater system to support the Blu-Ray.
My Army ID card expired and I had to wait almost 2 hours before getting my new one. I then got to spend two hours tonight registering that card on my computer so I could use it to log into my army account. Good grief! This was painful.
Sorry if this sounds boring, I'll try to do better soon. Be safe and have a great day.