sgtdub: April 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

22 April 2011,
Yes, it is definitely the paperwork, my old job I got to draw with markers. A big change. No one has yelled at me so I'm doing an ok job.
Tomorrow we take the entire brigade out for a 5 mile road march. yeah. It's one of those exciting events, ( I would liken it to some other event you might know of and dread even watching it but I won't in fear of offending someone out there who might like it).
Yesterday was a day of meanness. I was setting everyone up for pranks. We had to do a logistic sync meeting to determine where we were on our equipment maintenance and the major asked how many rifles we had. "84" was the answer. How many have been technically inspected? "83" was the answer. Where's the other one? We're still looking for it Sir. For moment in time it was priceless.
Miss Dub finally finished her play last night. She was the Stage Director. (I think). She said she felt like a First Sergeant too, having to manage people, step up when they didn't, find solutions to problems you didn't anticipate, etc. Overall, she seemed very happy with the performance of her team.
Mrs. Dub is working towards running her first 5k soon. She's been working out with one of the other wives from our company. Keep in mind, I've only seen her run one other time. Now I need to get busy so she doesn't put me to shame.
Well, I better get back to work. Be safe and have a great day.
Happy Easter, remember why this day is special and that Jesus had risen.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19 April 2011,
It's 0500 hrs (5 a.m. for the civilian population) and I'm already 2 hours into my day. The Brigade's CSM decided he needed a formation at 0400. We thought it was for a unpleasant experience. Turned out he just wanted to see if he could get the entire brigade together in one spot on time. Heck, it made since and worked, how'd that happen?
So, I headed to the office, why bother trying to go back to sleep now. With no one else in the office except the night CQ I can finally have a moment to relax, catch up on the blog and finally read a couple of articles in the Army Times I bought two weeks ago. My days here are full with report after report, I'm not digging the whole admin life of a First Sergeant, I enjoyed doing my job and only having to worry about a section rather than a whole company, its more complex, but it has its rewards. Luckily my commander, CPT S found a way to bring on a admin sergeant and that's working out great!
Miss Dub did a presentation back home on the cultural background of Afghanistan, looks like she was actually listening to me when I rambled on. She's doing great and it's a real bonus when others in attendance send me messages telling me how wonderful she is as a person and as a speaker. I love her and her mother very much and miss them both.
Well, enough free time I guess, I have stacks of papers on my desk that require my attention, but I'll finish this last article in the paper first. Be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

06 Apr 2011, Well, after 4 wonderful days at home with my beautiful family I am back to work getting ready for another trip the Stan. Mrs Dub didn't feel well so we did nothing but rent and watch movies at the house and just enjoyed our time together. I have given considerable thought to just purchasing a large acreage north of Kabul and building a bed and breakfast, maybe even a Dub Ranch. The obvious problem would be convincing the family this would be a good idea. Miss Dub takes her ACT this weekend, wish her good luck, I need her to score great so she can get lots of scholarship money. Both the girls are doing well, and I miss them a lot. The days here have been busy and long. I still need to do my laundry since the IG and JAG both said I couldn't make privates do it for me. Be safe and have a great day.