sgtdub: January 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 January 09,
Well, it's a cold cloudy day in OKC, and I'm at work. At least the wind isn't blowing. I'm half way through my work week and ready for days off. I can't tell if I'm trying to get sick or what, I've had two times this week where I have had the headache, achy joints, chills and fever but it has only lasted about 12 hours each time.
We are expecting ice and rain on Monday and Tuesday and I'm suppose to be at the gun range on Wednesday for ERT training. 2 days ago it was 73 degrees. Welcome to Oklahoma. I'm actually ready for some snow.
Not much else to report at the moment. Be safe and have a great day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 09,
Which bothers me most?
President Obama nominated Timothy Geithner for the Treasury Secretary. Now, it should be common sense that if you are nominated for such a job you will be checked out. I can't decide what bothers me most, that he chose to not pay his taxes for several years or that he told the Congressional Panel that it was because he uses Turbo Tax to file with. Is this the guy I want having control over our financial situation. The Dub's here are basically a middle class family, and I know enough to pay at $150 to have a CPA do my taxes.
We haven't started the kitchen renovation yet, it's just getting a good grip on what we want which takes a little more effort. But we are both ready to put the first hole in the wall, Angela love the demolition part of it.
Not much else to report at the moment, back to work this week and we had a busy day. Be safe and have a great day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

16 January 2008

Yes, I know, long gaps between posting again. This is normal once I get home, and work at getting everything back to normal. I completed one full set at work and am almost back in to full swing there. I got my 2008 Ford Crown Vic back and it only had 9,000 miles on it It will still take a little while to get everything I work with back into the car.

After almost a full year of talking about it, we finally bought a new TV. We picked up the Samsung 46" LCD. We have really enjoyed watching movies on it, but tv hasn't been as nice. So, this morning, I am waiting for the arrival of the Dish satellite man to come and upgrade our package to HD. The door bell just rang! It's him! It's the Dish man! Here with my new HD picture.

Anyway, he's working on the tv so now I can concentrate on this until it's up, then of course, even Angela will lose my attention for a bit. Just kidding dear......

Angela and Shelby are doing fine and both are back to work and school. We have a 3 day weekend coming up and are trying to come up with fun things to do as a family. However, what can you come up with that a 15 year old girl will think is fun while having to hang our with her parents. Well, we are wanting to go to the 39th International Finals Rodeo held right here in OKC on Saturday night. We have the Home and Garden Show this weekend which highlights everything HGTV-ish. There's the 'Ship-wrecked' display at the Omni Center which has artifacts and treasures recovered from lost or sunken ships over the last 150 years.]
Be safe and have a great weekend.