Sunday, October 01, 2006

01 October 2007, Well, I finally went and looked at my test score for algebra. I got a 92. I have been working on my homework for several days now. I thought I would work all the problems in the exercises so I had a good grasp of the work, then after the first 60 problems I looked and each exercise (there are 6 in this chapter) had over 130 problems each. Well, I had to ditch that plan and started working the first 3 problems before one of my homework problems and the 3 after it so that I made sure I was doing the work correctly. I could have more fun with taking my algebra class back home. While writing a police report I could state that I spoke with 2 squared witnesses and located 3 cubed casings at the scene. I could refer to the unknown suspect as X. Here I'm just trying to figure out how two people of different weights can sit on a see-saw and make it balance. I thought if two people sat on a balanced board it was called a bench. A see-saw is designed to go up and down.
Well, this past month has been busy here in Kabul. Several attacks here earlier in the month after I left and then a big one downtown at one of the government offices. It's my opinion we should use every attack to publicize that the insurgents are attacking the people of Afghanistan and they may be next if they don't start helping us get rid of them. The media is more than willing to help out the terrorists with their cause.
I had an official weigh in yesterday at HQ. I weighed 242 lbs. I lost weight during my leave back home. You know what that means.....I deserve a cookie. cookie...cookie...
OK, so I will try to stay on the right path here. After a long grueling trip back to Afghanistan, and only two hours back on camp, I went to the gym and worked out. I missed Tuesday due to work and have made it every day since. So I am staying with it. Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone has a good day and be safe.


TenTen said...

Hey dad, just so you know, I got a 100 on my reading AR quiz. YAY!!! I am most likly getting harder math than you, although, the prob's arn't as long.

I hope you get your cookie-happy rearend over to the tack shop because I just worked Two Bit in our new round pen for about and hour, give or take. Maybe a little less, but still, I worked with her!!! ;p

I think you're right about the media, like you say, no news is good news. Although my BF hasn't called in 24 hours and I'm totally dying fo rhim to call. o.O That came out wrong.

I think the cookies can wait. Study!!! Love ya,

TenTen (Miss Dub)

MrsDub said...

When she says "more or less" you can believe less -- much less! With all the attacks going on, you just need to stay at your desk and keep a low profile. Don't volunteer to do anything, and just remember you'll have to explain to me what you were doing outside the gate!

SGT DUB said...

There is no explaining myself when it comes to food, just be glad I don't have to leave camp to go for Italian pizza anymore. love ya