Sunday, October 08, 2006

08 October 2006, Good Sunday to everyone out there. Today was as nice a day in Afghanistan as you could have, more peace and quiet. LTC Y and I went and played ping pong today. He actually accused me of practicing because although he beat me as usual I was able to put up an impressive loss. I scored 11, 15, and 12 in the three games. I even was able to put some moves on that he was unable to counter. (hehehe). Afterwards I headed back over to the gym and did a light workout on upper body. Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone.
Things were certainly quiet on camp today as Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Oregon all lost this weekend. Cpt C was quite upset and after I made a comment about OU's lost he asked if I wanted to be removed from the office. I looked at him and asked " Do you mean go back to my room and take a nap? sure." He suddenly realized that wasn't a good idea.
SGT Stormin Norman sent us a package a couple of days ago. I wanted to keep everything in it except the pink feathered boa. That was sent for my LT. However, I must admit it didn't look bad on me. I can say that looking at the fact that Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair have all worn feathered boas.
Well, it looks like we won't be having another Dodgers- Yankees face off in the World Series as both teams were eliminated this weekend but with force. It has been a while since they faced each other in the series and it looks like it'll be a little while longer.
The news reported that 2 more journalists here in Afghanistan were killed by terrorists. I'm wondering at what point the media will wake up and realize that the terrorists groups are the bad guys and that associating with them, promoting their ideology, and supporting them with every chance is just plain wrong. I hope it's sooner than later, because when they finally get on board with the rest of the world, we will see a turn in the tide against such evil.
Well, I shall end this now, be safe and have a good day.

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PaPa Phil said...

Well you can add another football team weekend loss to your list...........the Dallas Cowboys!

Ryan, Katie, Jimmy Lee, Susie and I met at the Texas State Fair this weekend to root on our Sooners. We didn't have game tickets but instead sat in Mueller's German Sausage tent around a couple of TV's, drinking brewskies and taking crap from the Texas fans.

Oh least the beer was cold!!