Saturday, October 07, 2006

07 October 2006, Ok, for all those that have been snickering behind my back. I found this quiz for everyone to take, (or those who dare to accept the challenge).
You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 8/10 correct!
For all those who are just here to read what's on my mind today, well, there's not much. It's been almost 4 days since the last attack here in Kabul, and we are enjoying the peace and quiet. The Afghanistan equivalent of the FBI stated they arrested almost 20 people in the last couple of days and broke up several cells. Good news if there is any accuracy to the story. Speaking of accuracy, I here that Al-Jazerra made the statement that one Afghan suicide bomber destroyed two tanks here in Kabul and killed 4 Coalition Force soldiers. Well, I see the mushrooms they are smoking work pretty well. For the record, I haven't seen any tanks rolling down the streets of Kabul since they celebrated their Independence Day and it went without any problems.
My workout partner has decided we needed to step it up a notch in our workouts. So for the last two days we have gone out on the track and walked with our armor on. This weighs roughly 25-35 lbs depending on what size you got. We have managed to do 2 miles each day. Then in the afternoon we are still doing our cardio and weights. Of course, the infantry guys are laughing at me, but they can. One patrol leader told me he has logged on 70 miles this month so far. I haven't driven that many miles this month.
I stepped out of Afghanistan yesterday and entered another place. We went downtown to one of the CF bases. Apparently they have been busy there. We walked behind one set of buildings and I noticed they had a paved road, tiled sidewalks, trees. We entered through a building and into a courtyard of sorts. There they had the inside walls built up to look like wooden buildings, grass, tiled sidewalks, benches and chairs. Over in one corner they had a large caged area with bunnies. Yeah, welcome to Europe. It did have a calming effect. After one hour I was transported back to Afghanistan and all of it's glory. I must admit that one road I'm familiar with from the last deployment was cleaned up. It was an improvement. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Maybe you should consider doing yoga. I've got an extra mat that I could send to you. You could do "downward dog" in your body armour - that would be interesting. I think you need to tell everyone what happened to your personal belongings that were shipped over to you - whomever stole your stuff should be easy to find - they'll be using a laptop and carrying an Oklahoma Flag (losers!) I think it's a real shame that you're there to help and they rip you off. It's a good thing I'm not there, or I would be kicking butt and taking names. Maybe we should offer a reward for the return of your stuff - we could probably offer One Million Afgan dollars and still have enough left over to buy a Happy Meal. Be safe and stay on base!

mom at home said...

If that's a motion;I'll 2nd it. Well the big move is upon us Grandma is moving this week. We took her to Rambling oaks today for lunch and to see her apt., she thinks its to small,but i think she will be able to fall from one piece of furniture to another real easy.Wish you were here to help,oh well I better hush now Love MOM