Monday, October 02, 2006

02 October 2006, You'd think I was in a war zone with all this chaos going on around here. Yet another attack here in Kabul today. This one was just down the road a couple of miles. Luckily, the suicide bombers are all that sharp and this guy ended up only killing himself. He could do it in the privacy of his own mud hut and then we wouldn't have to clean him off the pavement. Anyway, I'm safe and sound and all is well here at Camp Phoenix. I finished my algebra homework tonight and got it submitted. UGH!
I swear if mathematicians are really this anal about this stuff, it's hard to believe we got anything done. Take for example one problem that just bugged me more than fleas on a three legged dog. They have a board they want cut into two pieces. The board is 20 feet long. They want it cut to 6 ft and 14 ft. That's all you would have to say. But the mathematician says, Cut the board so that " 5 times the length of the shorter piece is 2 ft more than twice the length of the longer piece." UGH UGH
Ok, enough with math today. I had a mushroom burger from Burger King tonight. It was ok. The afghans working there really need to be sent off to a good fast food restaurant back home so they can get a good idea of how it's suppose to be. They are doing a decent job though so I won't criticize too much, and it still beat what was being served in the chow hall.
We had a sand storm this afternoon that brought visibility down to nothing. It's cleared out of the city now, but you can see the wall of dust surrounding us right before the sun went down. Not much else to report from here today. Be safe and a good day.

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MrsDub said...

Now you know why I hate math! That's what calculators are for. In school, they always said you would use algebra in your every day life - ha! I've made it this far without EVER having to use it. My theory is if it says it's 50% off, then you should buy it - that's obviously a good deal