Thursday, October 19, 2006

19 October 2006, Well, what a day. The local police notified us that they had found or where looking for at least 3 explosive devices in Kabul. Two of the IEDs were basically outside our front gate. Well, we found an abandoned donkey cart just down the road from us and that set in motion the next 2 hours. From where we sat and watched the events unfold, it appeared the donkey cart was harmless, but the fact that there was no donkey and no owner, we couldn’t take that chance. We summoned for the bomb guys to come and clear the scene. Let’s just say they don’t advertise “30 minutes or it’s free”. When all was said and done, it was just a donkey cart. The owner felt it was appropriate to leave in the middle of the road.
I got my copy of the last book in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The End by Lemony Snicket. This is interesting as it was during my first trip here in Afghanistan that I learned of the series while watching the BBC during a slow Sunday afternoon at the office. If you have young ones at home or just enjoy reading it’s a good series to invest in. I was able to purchase the first 10 books through and with a twist of fate, have now bought the last book the same way. I imagine even Lemony Snicket would find that amusing.
My counterpart from the British came over today to chew the fat. I’m having a much better time understanding him than several others. Remember, I had to have a waiver for my hearing to come on this trip and with their accent (or is it mine?) I’ve had problems deciphering the English language.
I took off work early tonight thinking I might turn in earlier. I stayed up till 1 a.m. last night. Of course, here I am at 9:15 p.m. and still typing on this computer. As I have mentioned in the past, I am reading a lot of good blogs out there, by all kinds of interesting people. You can see some of my favorites in the sidebar. As you saw in my last blog, I mentioned that was my 50th blog written. For most out there, that doesn't really have any significance. I've seen some blogs that appear to have had a lot of work put into them only to see that after 3 or 4 blogs they stop. I guess it all depends on why you are blogging. For me, it's the easiest way to let everyone back home know I'm ok. I have seen where it can be habit forming, and if your blog is a success and everyone is reading it, well, then the pressure is on to perform. Give the monkey a quarter and he'll bang those cymbols even more, right? Well, as with everything else in life, too much of a good thing is bad for you. I will try to keep it under control. Be safe and have a good day.


PaPa Phil said...

I heard there was a flower show down at the Cox Convention Center last week and an 80 year old man decided he would wake those folks up and streak the place.

So he stripped off his clothes and ran bare naked right through the center of the trade floor.

The BAD NEWS is that the OKC Police Department were waiting for him at the other end.

The GOOD NEWS is that he won 1st Place for Best Dried Arrangement!

Keep your head down Dean!

mom at home said...

Now that was funny. MOM