Tuesday, October 17, 2006

50th Blog by Sgt Dub
17 October 2006, well, we have made it to our fiftieth blog posting since I deployed. If I had any more clue about fancy websites I would have had fireworks exploding in the background. I have read many good blogs out there and as you can see I’ve added some new ones in the sidebar. I’m hoping to add more to this site to make it even better in the future.
What I do have is this great picture of my dayshift crew with a NASCAR #16 flag, owner Jack Roush, driver Greg Biffle, crew chief Doug Richert and the whole Army National Guard crew signed the flag and had it sent to me. After taking the picture, it now hangs proudly in our office. One good day soon when we have a little bit of wind, I will fly it over the camp here in Afghanistan.
Several events have occurred here in Afghanistan. We had another IED attack here in Kabul yesterday, this one about two miles down the road from our camp. We are thankful he was recognized as being suspicious and the local police were able to react quickly and effectively in order to get people away. After the blast, only the bomber was killed and one child injured.

SFC J and me

Maj G and SFC J, both of whom I have mentioned several times, took off for other parts of Afghanistan to become part of the training mission with the Afghan Police. Once again my name had been mentioned to be a part of the team, but either I’m too valuable or too clumsy. I have many opinions about the police training here, but this is not the correct forum for that discussion. I certainly wish them the best of luck, and say a prayer for their safety. (I have, of course, told them that the area they are going to have less activity reported there than we do here in Kabul, and that they will probably just be sitting around playing checkers in a cave.)
I spent all day yesterday, (minus the bombing) on my algebra homework and after considerable trouble today, took my midterm exam. Let’s just say that after answering “Your Name” I started downhill. To be honest, I only got that one right because the Army makes me put it on my shirt. I feel really good about more than half of the questions presented so we will see. Professor, will there be a curve?
I haven’t seen much television lately, but between Kim Il Jong and the upcoming November elections, I’m sure I’m not missing much. When I was home last month, I was more interested in what new commercials were out. I finally got my ballot in the mail last week and got it sent off. We’ll see if I picked any winners.
Not much else to report here. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

I'm relieved to hear that you made it through "Saturday the 14th" without incident. I was holding my breath and hoping that I wouldn't have to file a claim on the health insurance. Although if you're hurt over there, it's the Army's responsibility - not that I would want them authorizing my treatment! The pictures are nice, but I have to ask why you're in shorts and t-shirt while the other guy is wearing Kevlar? Is that wise? Next time I see a picture of you, I suggest you are dressed appropriately for the "climate" (i.e., Taliban) I'm sorry you got "left behind", but just think about all the fun you'll have when you get home - getting to play police every day. I hope you took my advice and voted the way I told you to. If not, then I plan to sit home and eat bon-bons while watching Dr. Phil. Stay safe!

mom at home said...

MOM says don't be volunteering for it? Stay put and do your homework. LOVE MOM

The Sil said...

Hi there sgtdub! Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I try to check your blog everyday. I'm glad that you are doing well.
Here's some news from our side of the world:
1) I've been busy doing pregnancy checks on cows and I've gotten pretty good at it! I also took care of a lion on Friday. I'll have to send you pictures. I take my national board exam in a month. I'm feeling like you with algebra right now. I just HOPE that they give me points for getting my name right!
2) My uncle died and I made a quick trip home (drove up on Sunday and back on Monday)for the funeral and I was nearly killed by a wreck that happened right around me in Norman. Crazy Oklahoma drivers! I think you might be safer there!
3) Your niece in now married and pregnant. Yep, we are going to be Grandma and Grampa! Man, we are OLD!
4) The Aggies beat Missouri! Whoop!

Well, I hope you feel a little more in the loop now! We miss you!