Monday, October 30, 2006

30 October 2006, Only one more day till Halloween, and I still don’t have a decent costume. I guess if I go out trick or treating, I’ll dress up as a soldier. It’s always a favorite, of course a cowboy would be more fun. I don’t need the extra candy though.
I won’t be going to the gym today since I have to give a briefing. It does look like I will be able to go on Tuesday though.
I mentioned a couple of days ago that LTC Y didn’t read the blog. Guess what? The Army is on another, “check your soldiers’ blogs to ensure they are not giving
away vital information” kick, so the Colonel asked who was writing. I raised my hand and then later printed off a copy of it to give to him. I told him to skip over the part about sticking it to the man. He told me not to mention his name again.


Verily I sayeth, from hence day forward,
LTC Y shall be referred to as
“He who should not be named”

Of course, “He who should not be named” should know better than that. I have a hard time following directions. And then there’s that whole hard of hearing thing I like to use.
Now, would that mean that as long as I didn’t mention “He who should not be named” I could use his picture on my blog instead? Well, I won’t push that issue very far I might be… uhmmm, ping pong challenged, but I’m smart enough to figure out where to cease fire.
The quiet spell continues here in Kabul, it’s been just over a week now since the last attack. This is more like I remembered from the first trip; however, we are all leaning towards the edge now waiting for something to happen.
I’m trying to be a little more productive today, not necessarily work related, but productive, so I pushed out some emails today. I still have to knock out the last 8 problems of my algebra homework that I thought was due last week but wasn’t due till tonight. Does anyone doubt my procrastination now? Really, it’s pretty bad.
My afternoon was lost in 3 hours of meetings. I'm numb from the shoulders up. Most would say that about me without the issue of meetings. Not much else to report tonight. Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee said...

well please tell the un-named one bee says "hey" and y'all be safe there.....

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Sarge
Man, I would dress like a soldier but my uniform has shrunk about 50 pounds. It is still hanging in my closet, standing tall. No contact with the bad guys is a good thing my friend.
In my day, if an officer made it to LTC they knew enough to let the NCO do the job. Has that changed? I must admit I had a few close calls with a fuzz tail 2Lt, oh well, it all comes out in the wash. Stay safe my friend, peace.

PS: Check me out tomorrow, you will hear about Vietnam and how I feel about that.

just me said...

Happy Halloween!