Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 October 2007. Well, I spent 7 days at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas drawing new equipment and getting trained up on it. We got back Thursday afternoon. I went to a part time job, this is a job the we get paid on our days off to provide security for while wearing our police uniforms. I work one regularly every other Friday for 11 hours. It's not hard work at all. During the summers one of my favorite part time jobs is working security for the Oklahoma Red Hawks Triple A baseball games. I love baseball and being paid to watch it is certainly a bonus. I missed this season due to getting back late in the season.
Today we spent all day at Mrs. Dub's grandparents house were we were having an estate sale. Her grandfather died a couple of years ago and her grandmother was finally placed in assisted living for health reasons. We have spent many hours getting the house ready for a sale and we finally went for it today. The weather couldn't have been better. A perfect day to be outside.
We will be over there for a little while longer tomorrow. Everyone is doing fine and Miss Dub brought home all A's on her report card. I'll be nice to her for a day or so, then back to the educational grindstone for her too.
Well, we need to figure out what to have for dinner. Be safe and have a great day.


Sandee said...

Long time no see. Glad you are getting things in order at grandmas house. All A's is a good thing. She is going places. You have a wonderful day. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Glad to hear you're back in the swing of things. Getting paid to do what you love is a good thing. I've always heard, "Do what you love - the money will follow."

Have a great rest-of-the weekend, D.

Amazing Gracie said...

Golly! Don't you folks ever rest?
Congrats on all of your appointments and I'm glad you are happy doing what you're doing!
My granddaughter is now living in Edmond, works at a car dealership.
Her folks are considering a transfer to the federal facility somewhere near there (forgot the name of the place!). They're your age and the parents of Robby, who's a Marine recruit. They want to see as much of the states as they can while they can. THey're now in Apple Valley (Victorville Fed Pen) and I think just a little sick of California.
My granddaughter loves it back there and she's never lived anywhere but here...I think we'll pack ourselves up with them!

Unknown said...

*throwing in some treats*
Happy Halloween!