Wednesday, December 09, 2009

09 Dec 09,
Well, I survived Boston and ANCOC and made it back home. Being the giving person that I am, I brought home a cold (crud) that I shared with my wife. Today she is still sick. I'm sorry honey, next time I'll bring back a thimble or tee shirt. We were able to have some time off during the course and got to see some of the history of the Revolutionary War. It was amazing. Back in 1989 I visited a friend in the Washington D.C. area and wanted to climb the Washington Monument, however, it was closed at the time. In Boston, we made it to the Bunker Hill and we noticed they had a monument very similar to the one in Washington. I didn't hesitate to start my climb up those 294 steps to the top. About midway, I realized I was much younger in 1989.

I've got one more assignment for school this semester and it's a research paper on any terrorist event and analyzing the Incident Command System. I would much rather turn in the paper I wrote a couple of weeks ago for my military class, it's really close to the same topic, just not enough that I could pass it off. I'm certainly ready to be done with this semester, however, I must trudge on as I will only have 30 more hours to complete to finish that 26 year bachelors degree journey.
Our family gift this year is a Wii. Yep, we bought one for the exercise. Miss Dub has been on it the most, although I'm a close 2nd. I'm sneaking in and trying to beat the high scores to keep her motivated. Speaking of Miss Dub, she went for her driver's license test on Monday and passed with a 97. Some how she has it in her head that she can drive now. Be alert on and around HWY 152.
I suppose I better get back to the paper, be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

Ugh. Got yourself a spammer on comment, Dean. I think you should take care of him.

Sorry I've not been around; taking a blogging break. Still, had to come around and remind you that you CANNOT give up on your education. YOU CAN DO IT.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Joyous New Year to you and yours.

CarteBlancheCannabis said...

thanks for the well wishes stranger!!!

happy new year to you too!

stop by sometime! :)