Friday, May 14, 2010

14 May 2010,
Well, I'm into my 5th day of special assignment. Tornadoes came through the city Monday and we have been out here helping the citizens and keeping out the rift raft. It's been a busy year so far. Last week I managed to finally finish both my classes for college. We got our alert notice for deploying to Afghanistan again next year so a lot is happening to get ready for that. This will be trip number 3. I should look at investing in some property this time, 100 acres of mine-free land, yeehaw!
Miss Dub is almost finished with her sophomore year of high school. She hasn't admitted it yet, but I believe it has been harder than she expected. She's in that age where she doesn't want to listen to any advice we have for her. We have told her that she would have to get a job this summer instead of lounging around the house playing on the Internet and phone. She has finally filled out an application for a retail store. I had to lie and say I was 16 to get a job when I was only 15 1/2, I was ready to have my own money.
Mrs Dub is fine. She has taken over the Family Readiness Group for our company and is working to get it up and running. She's been wonderful in the position. She's ready for this week to be over so I will get home at a decent hour. We are only working 12 hours but she's use to 10 hours and having me home in time for a decent hour dinner. I made her watch 2012 Monday before the storms came through. In hindsight that wasn't a good idea, and she let me know. Well, better get back to keeping people safe, you do the same and have a great day.


Sarge Charlie said...

great to hear from you my friend, you know the drill on deployment, stay cool. Holy crap, I remember having daughters that know more than you do, that too will pass.

joven said...

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