Friday, March 16, 2007

16 march 2007, This is my 200th post, I just passed 10,000 hits, (of course, I think 9,875 were from me) and I'm at just over 9 months of blogging. What do you think so far? I had a couple of different ideas for this post, of course, not too much thought, but I decided to go with a rant.
It seems some person took offense to Governor Henry visiting troops in Iraq and Afghanistan last week and wrote a letter to the editor of the Oklahoman. Here are his remarks:
"Get back to work, governor . . . how much did Gov. Henry's trip to Iraq cost? How much did Oklahoma taxpayers pay for this trip? How many Oklahoman soldiers did the governor shake hands with? What was the dollar cost per handshake? Henry was elected and is paid to guide the state of Oklahoma. He wasn't elected and isn't paid by Oklahoma taxpayers to press the flesh and politic in international affairs in a worn-torn country. Oklahoma taxpayers deserve more effect and results from the governor for their tax dollar here in Oklahoma. Henry should pay his own way and use his own time to visit Iraq. Get back to work, governor!" Shawn Gralla, Norman
Now, you really have to make an impression on me to start bad-mouthing you, and Shawn, congratulations, you made the list. Shawn, I'm not sure what they taught you in school, but you see, Governor Henry is the Governor of the state of Oklahoma. As such, Governor Henry is also the Commander in Chief of the Oklahoma National Guard, Army and Air Force. As citizen soldiers, we are tax-payers in Oklahoma, registered voters in Oklahoma, live and have families in Oklahoma. You see Shawn, we are Oklahomans. Shawn, you have the right and freedom to write nonsense without repercussions because we are here fighting, as so many other Americans have done in the past to keep freedom alive in the good ole U.S. of A. I sit here at my keyboard and I ponder quite a bit about what I am writing. Shawn, did you bother to think at all? No, I didn't think so. No, I believe you just went off spouting such dribble that you thought would make you feel better. Heck, maybe you didn't think you would actually get published. Well, you did. Now what are you going to do? Good luck in the future Shawn, as I am sure you need it.
Now, for everyone out there, I wasn't harsh at all in my response to the editors at the Oklahoman. I didn't call Shawn out as I did here. Why? Because as you might be able to tell from his letter, he isn't a very happy person, and anyone who knew him is hopefully already giving him grief over such a letter.
But Sgt Dub, how can you say Shawn isn't a happy person? Well, because typically people write editors of newspapers when they are mad. Shawn was. Now, it takes something to be mad about. Do you really think this is the only thing that upset Shawn and he just had to fix it to make his world perfect, me neither. Shawn has had many disappointments in his life and felt this was the only thing he could lash out at. Poor Shawn.
Now, because Shawn had to make me rant on a Happy Dance Friday, I have to postpone my Happy Dance Friday post till Saturday. We had some fun here on Camp today, I know Shawn, I shouldn't have fun while in a war zone, why don't you come visit me on your own dime and we can discuss it. So stop by tomorrow to see what was happening. Be safe and have a great day.


MrsDub said...

Here is SgtDub's response, which has been emailed to the Daily Oklahoman - we'll see if it gets published . . .
Dear Citizens of Oklahoma,
It is true that Governor Henry came to visit the Oklahoma troops in Iraq and Afghanistan this last week. He was invited to visit the troops by Washington D.C. and accepted that invitation. Yes, it is true that he is a very busy person and the troops I serve with were very grateful he took time out of that schedule to visit us. We are half a world away from our families and friends and the comfort of our lives as citizens. Serving as citizen soldiers and hearing nothing from the news but protests and bad news, it good to have someone come and tell us we are remembered and we are appreciated. As to how many hands did Governor Henry actually shake. I will be happy to provide pictures of over 200 Oklahoman soldiers who shook his hand here on Camp Phoenix. With up to 3 Oklahoma units deployed in Iraq and almost 400 Oklahoman soldiers here in Afghanistan it was a good day for us. There are at least 3 blog sites coming from Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan that depicted the excitement and honor it was for us to have Governor Henry here. He spoke, shook hands, presented awards to soldiers and promoted two Oklahoman soldiers during his visit. You can visit these sites with the following addresses.,
I appreciate his vist.

Ron Simpson said...

Good for you, Sarge. I did not read that letter, but it made me mad reading it. I did not vote for our Gov, but I think he has done a great job. I am glad he went to see the troops.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I think you should also send this post along with the one that MsDub shared you already sent. I do not blame you one bit and I think both your responses just ROCK! Well done, well said.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

sgt dub, please submit shawn to sarge charlie for his yellow bellied sapsucker award of the week. he seems like a deserving recipient...

smiles, bee

Claire said...

Who would of thunk that i would be reading an American Sgt's blog who is in Afghanistan.
But i am glad that i found my way to your blog.
So congratulations on 200 posts and over 10,000 visitors! and you have lots of unique visitors (your stats say so!)
I will attempt to write American now:
Gee that Shawn is a jerk off!
Anyone that takes the time to go and make sgt dubs day a bit nicer is OK in my book.
Toodle Pip

Linda said...

As I was reading Shawn's letter to the editor, all I could think was that you needed to respond in kind and I was so glad to read that you did just that very thing! Good for you and I hope that your response gets published with nary a word edited out!!

You're right, Shawn probably was itching to get up on a soapbox about something and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to spew some discontent.

In all honesty, who cares what it cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma for your governor to come over and visit with his troops? Whatever it might have been it was worth every single penny for the morale that it provided to every single Oklahoman over there fighting this unpopular war that everyone else just wants to bitch about while claiming that they still support the troops.

I think what your Governor Henry did was a terrific thing and I am quite sure that Shawn is only one of a handful of jerks who thinks otherwise. As Claire might say were she speaking her own language - the bugger needs to sod off!

On a happier note - congrats on the 200th post and going over 10,000 hits on your page! You are deserving of every one of them! I shall look forward to post #201!

Desert Songbird said...

Hey, SgtDub, have I said this to you lately? THANK YOU. Thank you for your service, and thank your fellow soldiers there too.

You do this country proud.

Anonymous said...

I have responded to your post and questions at CODEPINK.

Unknown said...

Shame on you, Shawn Gralla!

Have a great and safe night, SGT DUB - thanks a lot for everything you are doing down there... and Happy 200th post!

Ruth W. said...

And I must say thank you also. It is because of you, and others that we can live as well as we are here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

He is a contender for "Yellow Bellied Sapsucker of the Week", so many with so little time.. What a Jerk. Your governor is tops in my book.

congrats on 200th
stay safe

David said...

This guy Shawn is a small man who will never realize how lucky he is to have people like you defending him and people like Governor Henry representing him.

Travis Cody said...

Congrats on 200 posts!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Wow - great rant! Your letter to the editor will be much appreciated I'm sure - hope they publish it. More of your countrymen and women should be calling out this sort of person - he's misguided and as you say, most likely very unhappy with life.

Good job to stand up for your Governor :)

Amazing Gracie said...

Excellent restraint on your part! I have yelling matches with the TV so often my poor dogs just look at me like, "Should we go hide or run away?"
I'm so glad that the "Gathering of Eagles" was successful this weekend.
Be safe...