Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27 June 2007, Wednesday morning. I was excited Monday night when we retired for the evening. The place had finally dried out and I was looking forward to working outside Tuesday. Well, we woke up Tuesday morning to having about 2 inches of rain over night and it continued to rain all day. Our neighbors on the block to our east have to cross a low spot which crosses over a break in the pond. The water was rushing over it and several people just parked their cars until the water receded.
Sunday morning I had 2100 feet of 3" pipe delivered to the house. I'm hope to get started on the pipe and cable fence soon. We are still shopping around for a barn and tractor. I've decided on the barn, but we are waiting until I get back to work full-time and see how our expenses look before buying anything.
In other news our female goat, Bella, is expecting to deliver a kid any day now. yeah.
Being home with the family has been wonderful. Things are almost normal again, with the exception of I haven't returned to work yet. That will start on July 10th. Today was my last day of paid leave by the military.
If you get the chance, go by and cheer up Mrs. Dub, she would rather be home than at work.
Be safe and have a great day.


Sandee said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain, and I visit Mrs. Dub everyday. She is doing much better today than yesterday. Hopefully you will get the fence up soon and get a taste of summer too. Take care and God bless. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well there you are you little rascal on dial up!! i already visited the bride... so there!

glad you are posting again and life is becoming somewhat normal. wish we had some, but not all, of your rain! it is so dry here, no fireworks even!

smiles, bee

SQT said...

I bet Mrs. Dub is going crazy not being able to spend more time with you. Hopefully she'll have plenty of time to get sick of having you around soon. ;)

MrsDub said...


Sarge Charlie said...

Good to hear from you Sarge, you folks are getting all the rain and the west coast is now burning, must be global warming.

Task Force Phoenix 5 had a post in early june, I did a shout out today, he seemed a little depressed with whats happening here, I suspect he has got a lot of welcome home's today.

Desert Songbird said...

Could you send some of that rain here to AZ? We sure could use it; we're drier than a bone, and it's hotter than Hades (which is NOT unusual for this time of year, I know).

I was wondering when you'd be back work at the police force. I'm sure they need you.

Keep us updated on the billy goat.

Glad things are going normally for you!

Callie Ann said...

Wow, Dub It feast or famin' with the rain. We need some of your rain her in Oregon. Big time. Blow it up this way.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I have been keeping an eye on your rains and floods and wish it would come south to Ga...

Sounds like you're about back in the swing of things...are you going to have a naming contest for the baby goat?

Sunrunner said...

Glad you're home!!!!!

Sunrunner said...

P.S. Send some rain over here to Colorado!!!

Ron Simpson said...

I am about to go build an Ark. I am tired of this rain. Can we ship it to the west coast? They need it more than us.
That fence project sounds pretty.. um... agressive.