Saturday, January 19, 2008

19 January 2007, I'm coming to you live from Nashville TN tonight. We started our drive on Friday evening after I finished a part-time job. We stayed in Van Buren, Arkansas and finished our drive today. Tonight we are headed to the Grand Ole Opry for the show and to see Charlie Daniels be inducted tonight. Tomorrow we are headed to President Andrew Jackson's Hermitage to see his plantation.
We came up with this trip about two weeks ago when we watched a history channel program covering the life of Andrew Jackson and when Mrs. Dub checked into it, it appeared to be a good weekend vacation to check things out. Miss Dub and the in-laws came too.
I started back to college this last week. I'm taking classes in Emergency Responder Administration. It seems to be the direction I'm headed. After the first week of classes I finally purchased a new laptop and when we get back on Monday, I'll check into getting a wireless card for it. I'll have plenty of research to do for my classes and there is no way it can get done on that dial-up. The bonus to that is possible getting back to blogging more. I'm hooked up in the hotel room right now as we are waiting for Miss Dub to get cleaned up.
Be safe and have a great weekend.


Desert Songbird said...

That's really cool that you got the inspiration for your vacation from The History Channel. Have fun and relax.

Congrats on the new laptop and going back to school.

Wade Huntsinger said...

Cool, I am glad that yaw finnally got away somewhere. Good job. What do you mean that is the direction you are heading ERA. What the heck? Is that all or just police of EMT or what.