Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 October 2008
Sunday morning. I'm not doing much today. Last this last week it was decided that since the Active Duty personnel get Federal holidays off, that we should have them too. We have are speculation as to why, but hey, I'm a 14 hour drive from home so having Monday off really doesn't do anything for me other than let me spend an extra 8 hours sitting in my apartment, wheee. We did get Thanksgiving worked out and I'm ready to make plans to head back home for that time with my family.
Last night was the Benson Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo. I mentioned this to the class and had 5 people decide to head down there to watch, two of them had never seen a rodeo before and were amazed. Our two instructors were supposed to go with us but at the last moment backed out.
I enjoyed getting back and seeing a good rodeo, the beginning was an hour and half of kids events, including muttin bustin, dummy calf roping, boot scramble and more. A fellow classmate made the comment that fans of rodeos and Nascar seem to be more patriotic and God fearing than any other culture. This was solidified when the announcer mentioned that rodeo world would never allow God or our flag to be removed from the sport.
When I was asked what was so great about rodeo I had to explain. Anybody can go head to head with another person in a competition, I mean they are usually of equal size, but when you put a 180-200 lb man against a 1200 lb horse or a 2000 pound bull, that's a challenge.
Well, I better get back to doing nothing, be safe and have a great day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hey dub! i remember something called el dorado days in sv! they had jail cells set up in town and if you didn't have a beard (the guys) they locked you up and all kinds of nutty stuff like that. i wonder if they still do that?

smiles, bee

Vadon Willis said...

Howdy Dub..thought I would say hello since I have been reading your site again and it always cracks me up. Coffee almost shot out my nose with the "Kafa Halik-yawl?" comment....classic!

Good luck with school and have a good one.


Desert Songbird said...

You shoulda come up to the Valley; we could've met!

Wade Huntsinger said...

Nothing like a Rodeo.