Tuesday, August 08, 2006

08 August 2006, I thought exercise was suppose to give me energy? We are working out at least 5 days a week now, usually for at a minimum of 1 hour, doing aerobic training and then weights. I am still at 245 lbs for now. I have be changing my shape a little so I am not complaining..... yet. Of course, I'm sitting here feeling the results of today's workout and thinking about how much this might hurt tomorrow morning. I can say that so far I haven't overdone it yet enough to be hurting any more than a little soreness so I'm doing that right. We are planning a PT test for around the 15th, why, I don't have any idea. I liked the excuse that I was in a war zone and didn't need to do a PT test.
It's all good though. After I finish this blog and talk with my beautiful wife, I'm going to watch "Larry the Cable Guy, Health Inspector". Yeah, it's time for some culture. I figure I can learn a lot from an important piece of film like this. I just hope it is as good as Nacho Libre. Talk about your future classics.
The end of August is coming up and the hints I'm getting indicate that war is no excuse for missing Mrs. Dub's birthday. Let's see, something from the bazaar?......maybe the PX?.....oh, I guess I do have the internet available to me.
Well I guess it's time to close another session, be safe and have a good day.

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Anonymous said...

How appropriate that you would receive your re-inlistment bonus the same month as my birthday! Do you think that's a coincidence? Don't worry about getting me anything from the bazaar, as I'm still enjoying my burka, silver jewelry, tea set and lovely gold bedspread. I'm thinking about wearing my burka the next time I do yardwork -- I'm sure it provides great sun protection, but I'm concerned about getting it caught in the mower blade. Love ya! P.S. don't worry about sending me "Larry the Cable Guy" movie - you can donate that one to the Afghan library