Thursday, August 17, 2006

17 August 2006, Well, this is supposedly the new and improved blog site. Blogger has decided to improve things and I decided to jump on board earlier than later. I'm looking around and trying to decide if I like it or not, what do you think?
Good news, no, sorry, I'm not coming home yet. I just meant it rained some this afternoon. I mean the temperatures aren't that bad here, but the country needs ran and it always looks better after a rain.
I believe Afghanistan has potential to be a decent country at some point. The problem is, do we wait another 15 -20 years for the younger generation to get there? I think we are doing a lot here but, at this point I see the population viewing it as a handout and not a helping hand. We need to begin now with making them take pride in themselves, their cities and their country. We need to make it their responsibility. Now, we are working that issue on many levels, but not at the level of the common person. I've decided that if I get invited to sit with President Karzai and other world leaders, I will explain my platform for rebuilding this country. I'm just waiting on that invitation.
Today has been a lot better than yesterday for me as I was ill for part of yesterday. I'm doing better today. Of course, I'm missing yet another day at the gym. This will almost be an entire week now without working out. Yuck. Wait a minute, did I just sound disappointed that I wasn't working out......well, I must say then, that I reached that point where I was starting to like it. Too bad it's gone now.....just kidding. I should be back there tomorrow....or is that what everyone says.
Well, I will have to make this one short, as I'm off for a secret involves bratwurst.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new look; it is easier to read. I'll be making you some cookies soon.Jazzy says Hi she went to the hospital today for some body work; she is laying here looking at me like isn't it time for bed yet? LOVE MOM