Tuesday, August 15, 2006

15 August 2006, Good Tuesday to everyone out there. Well, I'm still doing well here in Afghanistan. Yesterday, a French patrol in Kabul was hit by an explosive device on the road. Fortunately, the soldiers only received minor injuries. But, this does make me stop and think. Why would anyone need to target the French with such a device? I mean, wouldn't a stern letter work just as well? No, really, they are good soldiers and I do believe the media in France is more liberal than the people they tend to represent. Because we are moving into an election year for most parts of the U.S., I saw that the morning news had a report about emotional thinking and how warped some parties are about painting untrue pictures about politicians running for office. Hmmm, do I see a slant somewhere?
Speaking of slants, a question of great importance came up in the office the other day. On the keyboard, you have a / and a \. Now, I took typing way back in the early 80's, but I couldn't tell you any of the rules that applied back then, I remember the names elite and pica? I think? Anyway, in the new age of computers I have considered the / to be a forward-slash and the \ to be a back-slash. I've had three people disagree with me, one who had typing before me, but two that are barely of drinking age. Any input from the general public? Let me know.
The next blog will have a critique for "Blue Collar Comedy Tour, One For The Road" I've watched the first segment with Bill Engvall and I must say, it was funny. I'll give a complete revue later.
Mrs. Dub said I needed to start adding more pictures and less talk, hmmm, is that a hint? Well, can't promise less talk, but I will try to start adding more pictures. Well, be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, they're still referred to as forward slash and back slash. But when you think about the lingo used by the younger folks, there is no telling what they call it now days. And I did NOT tell you to use less talk, I said send us pictures of your day-to-day life (i.e., mess hall, gym, PX) that's the sort of stuff we want to hear about. Also, you need to find a way to get paid by the movie producers to review their flicks. You could also throw in a top 10 list from time to time. TTFN

Anonymous said...

hey, this is walcutt's wife, i haven't heard from him, and i just wanted to see if everything is ok

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to offer a seminar to the other guys on how to "properly communicate". I'm so glad you call everytime you have the chance. Keep up the Good Work! We appreciate it:}

Anonymous said...

walcutt was sick, that's why i didn't hear from him. thank you anyway. -- walcutt's wife

Anonymous said...

Hey, dub, the DFAC sure did work me over good. Doc is now calling me "Taco Man." I told my wife I would call her when I got back from Camp Eggers but ended up in the TMC and didn't get to call her for a day or so.

On the issue of the "/" and "\", I am one of the younger folk, but have been taught that they are referred to as a forward-slash and back-slash respectively. However, from a programming standpoint, they are also referred to integer division and modular division respectively.

Just my irrelevant two cents.