Tuesday, May 22, 2007

22 May 2007, Wow, only 9 more days in this month, where has it gone? I spent most of the day in the office, SGM T, the new OPS SGM had a few more questions for me and I don't mind helping out where I can. I did manage to get another black box mailed home today. Wondering what a black box is? Here's a picture.

The goal for tomorrow is to just take it as easy as possible. Now, I mentioned "tomorrow", I'm still in the Army, so every day stands on it's own, after tomorrow, I will see what happens the next day.
Be safe and have a great day.


Desert Songbird said...

And I reckon that every single one of those black boxes will be sitting on the front porch waiting for you when you get home, just as MrsDub promised, huh?

Hope your tomorrow is as protective and uneventful as today, Dub. Stay safe.

MrsDub said...

So is that gun going to be inside that box? Am I going to have federal agents in my driveway when I get home? I'm starting to be concerned about these "black boxes" - I'm afraid you're going to chop me up and stuff me inside one! I'm sorry to report that gas prices have reached an all time high, and even in Oklahoma, we are above the national average - what's up with that? Anyway, I hope you don't mind walking home from the airport, I just can't afford to gas up the Expedition. Maybe I can find a covered wagon and hook up the horses. Maybe if I start now, I'll be there by the end of June. Pack - Pack - Pack!

Debbie said...

Do you get to take home the little present on top of the black box? Mrs Dub sounds a little worried about it- she's not the kind to worry about black boxes AND black helicopters, is she? No, really, it is so great to hear of your adventures that lead to home. Sounds like you have a great family waiting for you!

Sandee said...

So that's what the "black box" looks like... I was wondering. I kept thinking about those black boxes on airplanes. Stay safe and God bless.

MrsFierceShoes said...

MrsDub makes me laugh!!!

Rock said...

Sgt Dub, this is an education for me. I don't even know what a black box is--the airplane kind? Anyway, looks impressive with the gun on top. Your wife is cute and funny. You are blessed.

Take care and stay safe.

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Lee Ann aka Dixie said...

Ahhhh Haaaaaa... so that's what the black box looks like.... I didn't realize it was that big.


Stay safe.

SQT said...

Hmmm, so the gun on top is like a big-frilly-bow military style, right?

Unknown said...

Mmmmhhh... I want one of those black boxes... better: two.

One for my fave shoes and one "beautycase".

Have a safe and good night!

Sarge Charlie said...

good move sarge, we are all going to need one of those with the dems in charge

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hey dub! all the black boxes i ever saw were really orange! yours is really black! ha ha

be safe and hurry home to the mrs!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

So it's sort of like a high-tech footlocker? I think my Mom still has the one that my Dad sent home from Korea years and years and years ago.