Saturday, July 22, 2006

22 July 2006, It's the weekend!!, not that it does me a lot of good. It's another day in the office. Things went pretty good, considering that since 0500 hrs this morning everything went wrong. I'm just glad there wasn't anything going on that it could have made difference in. If you're going to have bad days in the office here, you definitely want it on a day that the bad guys are not doing anything. Some of the younger soldiers in the office are allowing every little thing get under their skin and it affects the work they do. These guys signed up to be infantry soldiers and want to be outside the office doing infantry stuff. They want to excel in that field. For that, I can't blame them for feeling down. However, as I told them today, if they want to succeed out there, here in this office is the place to prove they have what it takes to lead troops. It's much like home at the police department. If you know what the detectives want in reports, what the crime scene tech's want salvaged and processed, if you know what stops the defense lawyers from pounding you, get into those areas and see what kind of work they do and how they do it. Then when you are on the streets you can do your job with their job in mind and make a better case all around. As an infantry soldier, and I do speak from outside that realm, your only job is to carry out the orders of the commander and complete the mission. Then by golly (excuse the language), know what the commander uses in making his decisions and how it gets used. Then when you are out there, you know what to report and how to report it. These guys make it sound like they are being punished, I told them they were picked because they looked like they had potential. Ok, I might have fibbed to them a little, just kidding. They have the potential to be good NCO's with time, experience, more time, a lot of luck......We'll just say it was a long day.
Well, I ended the day on a good note. I was told I had mail. What?? Well, I received a nice card from Jo at Draper Park Christian Church in Oklahoma City. They were very supportive during my last deployment and I know their prayers are with me and my family again. I also received a box of goodies from Brad at South Yukon Church of Christ. I will make sure and share these treats with the guys in my office. (make mental note, 1 laffy taffy per soldier). Well, if either are reading this, thank you and I will be responding properly also.
To everyone out there, be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know things are quiet there. Everything at home is good. We got a cold front which cooled the temp from 110 to 97. Amazing what a few degrees can do. Everyone sends their love and says we miss you.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.