Sunday, July 30, 2006

30 July 2006, Well, with 40 days out of the way now......can I come home yet? No, as I predicted based on the last deployment, the first part of this trip will go by very fast, however, once we pass month 6 it will start to slow down a bit and when we hit month 9-10 it almost stops moving forward all together. Adam Sandler just released a new movie called Click. I haven't seen it yet but if I could find that darn remote, we would all be home by now.
The office is going fine, if you remember, I mentioned something about the server going down, well, Brigade did bring some hot shot young guys who were able to get things restored, I'm back in business. Now, all I have to do Brigade also puts out a new safety phrase everyday. Today's is "You can't cure stupidity" I'm not sure what that has to do with safety, am I suppose to take their weapon away from them, not let outside the wire, or just not let them think of any new phrases. They have now decided that just one night a week wasn't enough for NCODP (Non Commissioned Officers Developmental Training), now we need it at least twice a week. I think I am working on keeping myself busy with busy-work, I really don't need them helping out too much. What this camp needs is a "Common Sense Monitor". Yes, I know, common sense and the Army don't work very well together, but as I have been called an oxy-moron before,( and it's typically by those who think marching 12 miles should be preferred to driving 12 miles) I can't help but to keep trying. As I say, "One day, when I become Sergeant Major of the Army, things will change". This could start a whole new soap box, but I'm not in the mood.
Everything else is going pretty good around here. We have a shot at some rain and I'm hoping it will come. Be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

sounds like somebody's having a bad day! Although every day that we're apart is a "bad" day in my book. Keep your chin up and your head down. Time is passing quickly -- just know that we all miss you! My phrase of the day is . . . "jewelry . . . it heals all hurts" he he, isn't that cute! Love ya

Anonymous said...

I only wish that was true, I would be on my way to Zales now. MOM