Friday, September 01, 2006

02 Sept 2006, Well, I better type fast. I'm in Bagram right now. I'm on a computer that self destructs in 30 mins, and I only have 15 minutes left. Talk about pressure. What am I doing at Bagram Air Field? Well, I'm on a secret mission of course. For those of you who remember Bagram, well, it's bigger but still just as dirty. After seeing Manas Air Base, I really expected more out of Bagram.
This last week was long and rough. Some of you have heard already, thanks to LTC Y, and I will tell the rest of you now. This last week, I went to another camp for a meeting. Well, when you arrive on a camp you have to clear your weapon at the clearing barrel. To put it short, I had my head in my 4th point of contact and didn't remove my magazine prior to pulling the trigger. A "pop" and then a cloud of dust resulted. I do believe at least 3 British soldiers had to go change their pants. Well, of course, no one was hurt, just my pride and dignity. I had to spend time with our own clearing barrels for 3 days back at Phoenix for 3 hours each day. Some people found this fascinating and took pictures. These people are the ones who don't know me very well, and probably think this is the pinnacle of my mishaps. For all those back home, you know better.
On an update for my weight lose. Well, I'm still sitting at 247 lbs. We have increased our workouts to 2 hours a day with at least 5 days a week. I'm looking better and reshaping areas of my body, just not dropping any weight yet. Bagram has a decent gym so I'll be heading over there today. I'll try to update you on what's happening as I can. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Yes Dear that was very surprising to hear that you had difficulty with a firearm -- someone who plays with guns for a living should know better! Don't EVER do that again or you'll have to write 1000 times "I will NOT shoot innocent barrels". And yes if people only knew all your "mishaps" - all I can say is I hope there are no clothes lines nearby. Please be safe in Bagram and on your way back to CF. Missing you terribly and Happy Labor Day (since of course, you're laboring while we're all relaxing)

Anonymous said...

I don't know where she is, but i have been laboring. I watched them mow yesterday and i cleansed on grandmama's garage today again. What a mess, and i havn't scratched the surface yet. i am pretty sure we can fill the better part of a pick up with paints and solvents and the such. and i may attempt to build a shed with the odd lumber and hardware; your barn?

Anonymous said...

It must be genetic. :)