Sunday, September 24, 2006

24 Sept 2006, Well, I'm not in Oklahoma anymore Toto. I'm back in Kuwait now waiting on a ride back to Afghanistan. Yeah. Right now, I'm in this MWR building using a computer. Let's say I haven't seen a room like this in the military before. You enter the building and it's kinda dark. It's painted purple and has those hanging beads everywhere. The lady working there is sitting in an old VW van shell inside the building and it's painted all flower power like. Another bus shell is in the building being used as a movie room. The rest of the room is covered with couches and pillows. The only thing missing is a guy in black with a microphone telling dark poetry.
Well, my time home was great!! Once I'm back at Phoenix I will post some pictures. I did very well in not overeating this time around. In fact, the scales show that I actually lost weight while being back home with the family. I only made a couple of stops to see people and spent most of the time with my family. I have the feeling I've been away too long since my wife keeps referring to Afghanistan as my home.
The trip back here was interesting to say the least. I flew to Dallas where half of the people who went on leave departed from. We met up and boarded our plane. As the plane began backing up from the terminal it died. We had to be pushed back up to the terminal and had to wait for someone to come jump start the plane. I actually heard the pilot trying to start it at one point and heard that noise when a car won't start and the battery dies... whoo-whooo-whoo---whoo---who--------wh. Yeah, I'm feeling good about this flight. Can I take a bus? So we get to Atlanta where we have change planes (YEAH). Well, they tell us we have to have this boarding pass (which is just a piece of laminated paper) or we can't board the plane. (Hmmm, ok). So they hand us the pass at the doorway that opens up to the tunnel that is connected to the plane. So I have to carry this pass from one doorway to the next doorway or I can't get on the plane??
Well, we finally make it and all is well. Well, that's about it for now. Once I'm back home I will post more with pictures. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

I am so relieved to know that you're back on the ground (even if it is over there). Things here are just not the same without you. I spent the entire weekend wandering around the "ranch" looking for you. I kept expecting to find you out back on the tractor, but you're NOT here. The past 2 weeks have been the BEST ever and I can't wait to have you home permanently so we can LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

P.S. Just remember the saying . . . "Behind Every Successful Rancher is a Wife that Works in Town" :}

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you leasve me a tee shirt? LOVE YOU MOM