Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27 September 2006, Home Sweet Home, although I’m back here in Afghanistan, I will have memories of my leave time home. On the plane ride back from Kuwait to Afghanistan I had a thought. Yes, yes, don't worry, I didn't hurt myself or others around me. However, I remember a time in my National Guard military career when I had to spend two weeks away from my family a year, now I just get two weeks with them. Where did I get mixed up?
Anyway, my time back home was splendid! Here are some pictures. As you might be able to see and for those I did go and visit, I stopped shaving after my third day home. The rebel inside came out.

Mrs. Dub and I at the Western Days
Parade in Mustang.

Miss Dub and I at school for camo day.

Working with my neighbors
tractor. Looking at a tractor at the State Fair.

This will do for today. I have some more pictures to add on tomorrows blog. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

I agree that we had a WONDERFUL time during your visit - lots of great memories to hold me over until you're home for good. Thank you for leaving me the t-shirt to cuddle - I feel like Linus with his blankie :} I especially liked the "Larry the Cable Guy" look - Although I don't think "LTCG" is handsome or smart, YOU SURE ARE! (he he). Hum, let's take a guess at which tractor you're most likely to get when you return? I think when you get home, I will pick you up in your New Truck, pulling your New Tractor, that will be parked in your New Barn, next to your New Horse! Sound Good? I think so :} I guess I better get a part-time job so I can get all these things for you (ha! did you really think I was going to do that?) The thought was nice anyway . . . a boy can dream. By the way, congrats on your weight loss -- Alaska Cousin better get on the ball because you're gaining (losing) on her!

Diana said...

The pictures are awsome and it is wonderful to see the big grins on all your faces. I know your family feel blessed to have had you home. Just know we are all anxiously waiting your return home for good!! Be safe and take care!