Thursday, November 02, 2006

02 November 2006, Well, I just came back from the gym. I didn't do a full workout, but I went. It's cloudy over here with the looks of rain. I hope so. The only bad part about a little bit of rain is that the smells here seem to intensify. Mrs. Dub can tell you about the smell of Afghanistan. Last time I was here I wanted to have a suit or two made. I, of course, being of sound mind, knew to ask her first. With an resounding NO, I was told that everything I had sent home so far had a horrific odor to it. Of course, after a couple of months here, we couldn't smell anything anymore. Staff Sergeant DX, (just a SPC then) had also advised me and "he who should not be named" that we might consider buying some men's body spray or cologne. I can speak for myself when I say that I showered everyday. But, showering wasn't enough and since then, I give a little hit of body spray, just so I don't have any unpleasant scents about me.
The Easy Button from Staples. I need one of these here in Afghanistan, and not for any reason you can think of unless you've been to one of my teaching lessons on anger. I've had several soldiers here who seem to get upset quite easily. I have had to set them down and explain that if they choose to wear an "easy button" on the front of their chest that is connected to their anger, people will undoubtedly come up and push it. It's much like the Easy button from Staples. If I had one sitting out on the corner of my desk, Every Single Person who walked by would push it. Why? Because I left it out in the open. That's the same with emotions. If you wear them where people can see them they will push that button. I have to tell my soldiers that they need to hide it. My suggestion has been that cool new calf pocket on the ACUs. Nobody would think to look there to find your anger button. Of course, I had one soldier who found it today, and for a brief moment in time.........well, that's when I decided to go to the gym.
Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well sarge, this is very good advice... i think charlie needs to hide his "easy button" too, maybe in his back pocket. he wears his on his shirt collar most of the time. i always wonder if it is the ptsd. if a driver ticks him off he scares me. i always said he let them push his buttons. i like the "easy button" much better. i'm going to say this in the future.

and the smell? could it be the WATER? i know the water on Okinawa did that to me (all those many years ago - haha) just a thought.....

now you be safe, ya hear? bee

Sarge Charlie said...

sarge, read this.....,13319,117978,00.html?

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Sarge, it sounds like another fine day at the war. I hope the smell is not like it was on Okinawa in the 60's, they had a system of open "Binjo" (not sure of spelling), ditches, it was their sewerage system. There was a drainage ditch that ran under the local houses bathroom, there was a hole in the floor, do I need to say anymore?

Have a good day my friend, be safe.


Anonymous said...

MOM AT HOME could sure use an easy button today. I am not sure where I would hide it,but I know where I'd like to stick it. Enjuy the desserts and keep working out. Love ya MOM Deb R says she would like to be locked in a room with Karry this week,if you get my drift. She would do some damage.