Monday, November 13, 2006

13 November 2006, ayhee, who's idea was it to take algebra during a war? I musta been out of mind, (for those of you who don't know me well, and wouldn't say I was before I took algebra). Things, are going ok though, I'm working on my 3rd test (online, so I have some leeway with it). Luckily, one of the new officers I have in my office is a Navy person and loves this math stuff. I'm of course doing my work, but it helps to have a someone who can look over it and make sure I'm in the right neighborhood. The Navy calls him a LT, but the Army would call him a CPT, so we will call him confusing, I mean LT P. I try to work on my homework and test while at work, don't we all? I mean, why would I want to do it on my own time? I could be blogging or playing Halo 2, (of course, anxiously awaiting Halo 3).
The last two people I have been waiting on to get back from leave arrived today. Let's all dance!! Glad you can't see me. It looks alot like Kevin James from that scene in "Hitch". Yeah, not pretty.
I was sending out an email just a little while ago, yes, I tried to get caught up on several people today, I usually start with one at a time, and after 3-5 of them, I realize I have to work in the morning and I start clumping some of them together, sorry about that. Anyway, in that email I was discussing how actually good I have it here on Camp Phoenix, and if I was downrange, it would be different. I mean, after a long day at war, I'm able to walk down to the PX area, shop for a new movie, maybe a CD, buy some chips (yeah, I don't need them, but they are marked down), then run up to the DQ or Green Bean and get a mocha latte. I can just see guys like Sarge Charlie during Vietnam or those from World War II, coming in from a patrol where they got shot at, and ordering a cappuccino. Just this blogging, the internet emails, the phone access I have, really, even during Desert Storm, troops still had to wait in line for an hour or more to just try to use a phone once a month to call home.
Today, was busy, but I was able to get several things done and set in motion more things for tomorrow. With CPT C back, I can put more effort into my lane of work, or maybe sleep in in the morning (yeah, won't happen, but I can dream till 0510 anyway). My only complaint right now, is I have found out that I need the weather stripping on my door replaced as when it rains, it drips down on the inside of my door. Not much else going on. Be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

That is your only problem, weather stripping. By golly I might send you some.

Anonymous said...

And MOM said; yes me too. PaPa actully repaired / replace the mixer valve on my washing machine today; and it works, but it's a good thing we can't see the back of the machine. oh well at least he did it and it works. Love you MOM

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

Yes, as you can see, I have it rough here.