Friday, November 24, 2006

24 November 2006, What did the pilgrims do? With Thanksgiving, you have expectations. One of which, is when you finish your Thanksgiving meal, you watch a football game. What did the pilgrims do before we had football? Watch corn grow? Anyway, Thanksgiving is over and we here on the other side of the planet have to wait until Friday, (today), to watch the games you saw after dinner. Now, very few games are very exciting when you know the outcome, so this makes it more difficult. But we manage, and time moves on.
Speaking of time, another Friday has now come and gone for us. I've been back in Afghanistan now for two months since I had leave back home, but it doesn't seem that long ago. This is good because here, time is our enemy. Waiting on everything, waiting for the next attack and waiting for the time that we come home. For most of us, we find ways of occupying our time with activities, the gym, school, sports and games. I'm doing well, and to be honest, other than missing my family, friends and the things we do back home, I don't have many wants. Most everything I need is back in Oklahoma.
There is no doubt now, sometime this next week I need to take a day off and clean this room. Mrs. Dub will tell you that when I say it's time to clean, it's probably past time and the worst has come. She has trained me over the last (wonderful) 15 years to at least throw out anything that could grow on its own, but my clutter control has never really been promising.
Well, I survived the tower duty last night and when we were replaced by the regular joes, they did seem cheerful and jolly. I guess the day off helped. This made me feel better and when I finally got to bed at 0045 hrs, I slept well. Today went good and we didn't have any problems. Be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

I love both pics and we missed you saying grace yesterday; I had to do it.Christine left this a.m.going to San Jose to help her MO w/Grandmother Jane. I will now proceed with demolishion of the fall stuff and begin construction of christmas.This will be no small task considering the space I have to work in this year. Miss you MOM

MrsDub said...

Which one is the Turkey? Have I mentioned that I HATE dial up? It's a good thing I've got 4 days off, because I will need it to get this message typed and uploaded. Re: Thanksgiving - same food, different year. I was looking back at pictures from a few years ago, and the only difference is the clothes we're wearing. You'd be really proud of me - I discovered we have a kitchen and really cool tools. I've baked 4 pies in the past 24 hours! Too bad I can't ship them to you, they sure were good (pumpkin and chocolate). Wish you were here - I need the Christmas tree pulled down from the attic. Miss Dub is taking carriage ride to see the Christmas lights in the park with her "friend". I'm jealous - my 13 year old is having more fun than me! Miss you so much and wish I would wake up tomorrow and it would be summertime.