Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Ms. Dub

04 November 2006, Happy Birthday to my daughter Ms. Dub. Yep, today she is 13 years old. I told her the only way she would make it to this age was if I got deployed, I guess she pulled some strings, cause this ain't Oklahoma. She is pretty....pretty smart and pretty funny. She has also taken an interest in learning Japanese. She is teaching herself with the use of the Internet. She has been writing short stories about a Japanese cartoon she watches and has published almost 20 chapters on
Her mother and I are pretty proud of everything she has accomplished so far to include making all A's in honors courses at school with only one B in one class. She got her good looks from her mother, and not for sure what she got from me, except grounded several times.

There's also a young boy in her life right now that sleeps much easier knowing I'm on the other side of the planet, and out of arms reach.
Well, I wish I was home with her right now. I love her very much, and her mother too. Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hey that's THREE birthdays today, don't forget Laura Bush is 60 too! it is a great day for sure. happy birthday ms. dub!!! bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Dub

Thinks for the note, no Waffle House, I cooked pancakes and coffee.

You have a great post today, just in case you did no know it made me tear up, having been in your situation I know the feelings you have on a special day. Be positive dude, you got one less day than you did yesterday, that young suitor will still be there to mess with.

I like your countdown calendar, in my day we had to do it by hand.

Stay safe my friend


Anonymous said...

Hi dad, I thought you were planning on embarressing me, wait...oh crap, don't you dare get any ideas! Oh,I got my outfit for my party and it's totally cute! Well, ttyl! Love you, bye!

P.s.- I love the iPod!

-Miss Dub

just me said...

Happy birthday, Ms Dub! She must have got her interest in writing from you!