Thursday, November 09, 2006

09 November 2006, Can anyone tell me how to install a media player on this darn blog site? I can't get Utube to work for some reason that probably involves me, and just putting a simple audio player is apparently beyond my comprehension also. I can see me on Amazon now, "Blogging for Dummies, featuring Sgt Dub."
There are times I get worried about the news media. Of course, I've never been a big fan of them, I've seen them first hand twist something so far out of context that it's amazing I wasn't tarred and feathered a couple of times. With what might have been the biggest election story in several years, we had "breaking news" Brittany and K-Fed (up) are getting a divorce. The "other" big story was Faith Hill. I finally saw the reaction everyone is talking about, and I from what I saw, I would say it looked like a joke too. I've always like Faith, sheer class exhibited almost always. I have to wonder if the camera had followed her for a few more seconds, what we would have seen. But, then that wouldn't have been news. As far as Brittany and Kevin, the boy is screwed up in the head and is trying to make it on her name, good grief, what took her so long. But did either of these stories really need to be "breaking news". Anyway, today there were no big interruptions for Mr. Rumsfield. He had mentioned to me last week during our regular conference call that he was thinking about hanging it up, and enjoy some time in Florida. I told him I couldn't really blame him, what with the way the reporters go after him. I found Senator Hillary Clinton's remarks interesting. Let me see if I capture this right. Rumsfield resigns, President Bush announces this fact and then announces a replacement. Then Sen. Clinton says she thinks the President was smart for getting a replacement. What was he suppose to do? leave the job vacant? Glad your on top of the game.
We are seeing more clouds and cooler weather now. Of course, I still run around in shorts when I can. I haven't seen much wind blowing during the winter months and it will take a lot more for me to put on too much more clothing. I'm going to get started on my algebra homework tomorrow, (procrastinator) but I did make it to the gym today, getting about 1 hour total workout. I also had to look up camcorders on line for Mrs. Dub to go buy one today. Ms. Dub is giving a speech for the Veteran's Day assembly today and she wants to be able to capture it for me. Patriotism hits me hard and this will be something I will watch alone in my room.
Well, be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hi sarge, are you serious about talking to rummy? gosh i hope so, i love that man. he has so much class. and yeah, what was geo. supposed to do, ask hillary who she would like him to nominate? yeesh..... be safe. bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now Sarge, I want to know what the troops are saying about Rummie, in my mind he was truly a class act. Too bad, there had to be “casualties of the war” and he was it. I am really depressed since the election, heard today Congressman Charles Rangle (have no idea how to spell his name and am not interested enough to look it up}, is making a move on VP Cheney’s office in the congressional office building. Oh well, we served so they can be what they are.

Stay safe my friend

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi sarge, me again, I just wanted to say that my post today could have been talking to Dub, or any of you guys, I chose “T” cause he is lonely and away from home. I met him through “AnySoldier.Com” we e-mail, great kid.

Stay safe my friend


PS: We are about to travel, will have a lap top and yell at you when I have internet.

MrsDub said...

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You for Keeping us all safe! I attended the Veteran's Day Assembly at Ms Dub's school yesterday, and was moved to tears. They had a handful of Veterans in attendance. The Color Guard did an outstanding job of posting the Colors, the National Anthem was great, and then they sat the table for the POW/MIAs and explained to the students what each piece represented. Ms. Dub was chosen to read an oath, and she did a great job - a little nervous, but did a great job (you would be proud). They played "American Soldier" by Toby Keith and "Proud to be An American" by Lee Greewood. At the conclusion of the ceremony, they played each branch's song and the Veterans stood and walked to stand beside their flag. That was very moving to see the pride on the faces of the Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers. The Veterans then stood at attention while the Color Guard retired the Flags. Afterwards, I went around to each Veteran, shook their hand and said "Thank you". So, if you're reading this blog today, THANK A SOLDIER/VETERAN and remember to thank them every day - not just on Veteran's Day. We love you and we are so very proud of you! We're counting the days until you're back home with us. Be safe and keep your head high and know that you are doing what needs to be done and WE SUPPORT YOU!!!!!