Thursday, November 23, 2006

23 November 2006, Hello everyone, I'm wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. The time here keeps moving forward at a good pace and it won't be much longer before I'm back home with you. The DFAC had a large spread for Thanksgiving lunch and I hear it was pretty good. I just finished work in the office and as part of the senior NCO's here and officers, we are taking over tower duty for the joes today so that they can enjoy a day off. I head to the towers in about 30 minutes (1600) and will be there until 2400 hrs. It makes for a long day, but really, did I have any other plans. Today was good and the weather is nice, a little cool for some, but if you look like a stunt double for Chewbaca, it doesn't bother you much. Picture 1 is from Thanksgiving 2003, my first trip here, and picture 2 is Thanksgiving 2006. Be safe and have a good day.

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