Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22 November 2006, a poem by SGT Dub,

Twas the eve of Thanksgiving and all through the camp,
Not a single soldier was thankful for that old oil lamp,
But then the generators puttered and sputtered, and died,
And the camp was dark as the evening sky,
The camp had no electricity and all seemed to be lost,
As AFN's Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown was the cost,
Then the old sarge started to shout,
"Where's that old lamp, that we almost threw out?"
The Private stepped forward and with a smile he proclaimed,
"I put it in my room, as a keepsake", not wanting to be blamed,
Then off to his room the Private did run,
"Count off, one, two" the sarge added for fun,
The lamp was lit and all was now bright,
and the soldiers were thankful on that special night.

Ok, for 5 minutes worth of work and fresh off the cuff, I don't think it's that bad. I must of course add, that the take is off of the Christmas poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, but I hope I can take the liberties.
I have to take a moment and explain some things. First, if I mention that when I say nothing much happened today and all was fine, this refers to things didn't blow up around town, people weren't being shot at, and I didn't stub my toe. It does not mean that I was bored out of my mind, I usually refer to that as, "Today, I was bored out of my mind." Today, of course, was not boring, but nothing much happened today and all was fine. My local national workers kept me busy with phone calls and running around trying to fix problems. I like most of the guys, but try not to know them too much. You see, when I'm around, they look for me to try and fix all their problems. It can be an all consuming affair that leads to the type of avalanches that bury men alive. Today was one of those days. You think you have the problem fixed and someone yodels, ( that's what they do in the mountains, not necessarily here) then the mountain comes crashing down and you find yourself digging your way out. Remember, we're camouflaged so you can't see us if we get buried. Anyway, I finally finished up the project and now we just wait and see what happens.
To all those back home, enjoying the next few days off, may your travels be safe, your family pleasant, and your bellies full. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Dub's a "Poet" and Didn't Know it! I'm really impressed -- who knows, maybe you'll get published and we can both retire and travel the world promoting your book of poems! Things at home are as good as they can be considering. Ms. Katy won the canolie count with 310. There would have been more, but your brother-in-law tossed the dough that would have made it 316. Looks like Papa Phil will be buying Nonna a new stove, as this one couldn't withstand the canolie pan. First time ever, they were cooked outside with the propane tank. Grandpa would be proud of everyone's resourcefulness and drive to push on. I managed to make it another year without getting my fingers dirty (yipee). I just eat em - I don't make em. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving -- eventhough you'll be spending it in a tower :{ We love you and we miss you!

The Gamin said...
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The Gamin said...

Yes, Sgt. Dub wrote a pretty good poem.

He should keep on writing 'em, until he gets home.