Wednesday, November 15, 2006

15 November 2006, Don't you love it when a problem falls into your lap. Yeah, me too. This one had to do with some interpreters that went down range for a few weeks with some of our troops here on Camp Phoenix. 48 hours before they are supposed to leave I get the problem. These interpreters don't have any TA-50. TA-50 is Army code for gear. Sleeping bags, winter boots, gloves, coats, backpacks. Things that might come in handy during....let's say....winter. Well, I figure it shouldn't be extremely difficult, just a couple of phone calls. (What I wasn't informed of is that this had already gone about as far as it could with no success, for one reason or another. Now typically, when something has to get done, (mission wise and not related to home, sorry dear) I am the man to go to in a pinch. However, as I have found out today, I'm 0-2. I started making cordial phone calls and emails yesterday just to be (putting it mildly) screamed at for bringing this up a second or third time. Hmmmm, obviously the person(s) that attempted before me left a wonderful impression and I'm reaping the rewards of it. Well, after enough effort, I finally made my way up to the interpreters and told them they had better pack stuff themselves. I did tell them I would keep working at finding these items for the next mission. Wish me luck. What was the other strike out? Oh, LTC Y, (oops), wanted to break a $500 Afghani bill, I only had a little over $200 Afghani on me. So that you aren't wondering in amazement that Mrs. Dub would let me have that much money, $500 Afghani equals $10 U.S. and I had $4 U.S. (of course, I had my own $500 Afghani back in the room)
We had a good day in the office. I was able to work on several issues and still got semi-started on my homework due next week. It's time for graphs, slopes, and coordinates. Of course, I just tell myself it's a lot like doodling, so that keeps me going. I finally got my grade for the mid-term, I got a 70% on that test. That gives me a passing grade, which for algebra is all I had hoped for. Anything higher would be impressive. I'm hoping for a 92 on the test I took last night.
It was a cold drizzly day this morning when I got out of bed, of course, I wanted to get right back in bed, but that can't happen. It stayed that way for most of the day, only letting up on the drizzle part. Winter is on the way. Not much else to report today. Be safe and have a good day.

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Well I believe we are having the same weather. We have 50 mph gusts;i heard it snapped 4 telephome poles off in front of a school in Moore. And yes winter is here. Just thin you will only have 6 more months after Dec. Yea, it seems like it has finally started to move more quickly. Love MOM