Friday, November 03, 2006

03 November 2006, I guess it's just a political fever I must have. I'm gonna have to start off talking about politics again. This, of course, worries Mrs. Dub somewhat. Anytime we went somewhere that the topic of politics might come up, and some occasions where it shouldn't come up at all, she would pull me to the side before entering and say, "Promise me you will behave yourself tonight." Well, I've never had to be told twice, (in one night) but I've also never stooped to calling anyone "stuffed-suit mouthpiece" or "doughy", so I guess for all purposes, I have behaved myself. (And You can just imagine my wife, sitting at her computer now, shaking her head, while wondering where I'm going with this.)
Let's start with defining my categories. I could use Wikipedia, or Webster, but I just like keeping things simple, (it's always worked for me before). Democrats and Republicans are two separate groups based on ideology. I believe both share similar values, traits and goals. Liberals and Conservatives are two different ends of a spectrum. When I talk about issues, I don't discuss them as Dems or Repubs because that doesn't define anything, however, for this case, it is an issue between the two parties because both parties are rivaling for control of Congress. So, about Senator John Kerry during this last week. Yes, it was stupid, yes, it deserved to be called out. Yes, the Minnesota National Guard really put it in perspective. And yes, it should end now. But it can't because next week is the elections. Now to the Today show, which I saw this morning, but I guess aired Thursday back home. James Carville. Mr. Carville is certainly one of the most intelligent persons I would like to meet someday. He has that laid back down home southern flair that can be both appealing and annoying at the same time. He was on the television and was stating that this was a "no issue" issue. 1. My question is this, "If this isn't an issue for the American people then......why did they get you out here?" You see, Mr. Carville is one of the most powerful tools in the Democratic National Convention, and he doesn't come out for small potatoes. 2. The statement that Republicans are working this into an issue just before an election is correct. To be completely truthful. BUT, when did the Democrats learn about Rep. Mark Foley's inappropriate emails? Over a year ago? And why did the Democrats wait until the second week of October to release this if it was such a horrible thing? (and it was) Because they were interested in making it an issue for the upcoming elections. So stop crying foul all the time, you are doing the same thing, or at least make sure Sen Kerry goes first next time.
Ok, that's enough of that for tonight. I didn't get much sleep last night and I've been typing one thing or another on computers all day now. Luckily, things have continued to be quiet in Kabul and I didn't have a lot of distractions. I ate all three meals at my desk. For breakfast, and to show you just how much I'm tired of the food here, I had a bowl of chili. For lunch, I grabbed a mini pizza and a corn dog. Of course, "he who should not be named" (LTC Y) came by and ate my corn dog. For dinner, it's steak night, forgot about that, I had a baked potato with chili on it. Yeah, don't get to close to me tonight. Tomorrow is a big day and I'll get started on working it up for you. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Are you done yet? Just kidding - this is exactly why I love you! Just think how boring our lives would be if we always agreed on everything. I'm sorry I'm not there to "enjoy" your chili - I feel sorry for your office mates - run for cover!

Sarge Charlie said...

Yo Sarge
Just so you know, the packages are on the way, Miss Bee packed them and I am enclosing a letter. I did not tell them where I got their name, you can if you would like.


Sarge Charlie said...

Oh, by the way, was Mrs Dub implying you will have some gas.

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Sarge, me agian, I posted the other notes prior to reading yours.

I have a lot more respect for Mary than I do her husband (how did that ever happen) but you are right, James is a smart man. The Foley thing got under my skin, you see he is my congressman, but far worse than what he did is the fact that Dems sat on it until election time. I understand why they would want to do that but the fact the put kids in harms way with the pervert. They held the information until it was too late to remove his name from the ballot. I had to hold my nose to vote for Foley since he has withdrawn a vote for him is a vote for his replacement. Thank you very much Dems

Sarge Charlie said...

Attention, friends of Miss Bee, November 4, 2006 is a special day for Miss Bee. There is a party going on at my blog, “sarge charlie”, which is on Miss Bee’s sidebar. Everyone is going to be there, stop on by and join the party.