Wednesday, December 06, 2006

06 December 2006, I'm not even sure how I should approach this blog today. There have been events in the office that have set me on edge. So two people got to feel the brunt of it. I was, however, as considerate as possible and really only yelled at one (a local national), and he only got yelled at because he had called me every hour today as well as 5 times last night. If you want me to do something, the best possible route to take is to NOT go to the point that I'm feeling harassed. Mrs. Dub can get away with this because, as I heard this line in a movie, "I fear no man, just one woman." (and of course my mother in law too), so that's two.
I went to the gym today and did cardio for an hour, alternating between the elliptical, bicycle, stair master and tread mill. I probably did pretty good on eating too, having two small Quaker Oats granola bars for breakfast, and a 6" tuna sandwich for lunch and another for dinner. A few small snacks here and there but nothing too large, tootsie pop, smarties. In the month of December so far, I have received 5 boxes of goodies from a church in Yukon. All the boxes have made their way to the office and are quite the treat to everyone who comes in. Tomorrow is suppose to be up in the low 50's.
I posted a comment on Rock's Truth Zone about the recent letter to Americans from the Iranian President. Rock found it a bit lengthy and made it a post of it's own on another of his sites. This was quite the honor and I appreciate it. I certainly have been enjoying reading blogs from other people and it allows me to see outside the area I'm currently in. Mrs. Dub sent me some pictures to show me what I'm missing at home with the snow and the horses. I tried to post one of them but blogger is giving me issues tonight, I may have to yell at them too, just kidding. With that I have nothing else to share tonight. Be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

That's good to know that you fear me - my plan has worked!! Sorry you're having a bad day, and I feel sorry for the poor soul that made you mad. It takes a whole lot to get your feathers up. Note to anyone reading this . . . the best way to get Dub to do something is to make him think it's his idea. The power of suggestion works everytime. I can't disclose my other secrets, but believe me, they work! Now calm down and eat another tootsie roll.

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now, Mrs Dub let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Actually she only explained how all women think. Fool them into doing what you want. I must admit that it is a good plan, works every time it is tried.

I was thinking about sending you a goodie box, it sounds like you got plenty of stuff.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, 69 years, that makes me an old fart.

Stay safe my friend.

The old sarge