Wednesday, December 27, 2006

27 December 2006, Lost?

I'm not sure if I'm in Afghanistan or Alaska. I took this picture this morning. It seems it have gotten cold enough the polar bears are moving in. No, just kidding, I'm pretty sure this picture was taken somewhere closer to my Alaskan cousin's house, although she didn't send it either. It was a bitter cold day today, cold enough I put on long sweat pants to go to the gym, yep, that cold. I believe with the wind chill it was around -5. Brrrr. A slow day in the office as anywhere else in the world that celebrates Christmas and New Years. Nobody wants to be at work during this break between holidays, why should the Army be any different. I'm getting over the crud slowly but surely.
I guess I still have a lot of folks confused by my countdown calendar on the sidebar. It's not for when I go home, it's for the Oklahoma Centennial that's coming up in November of 2007. I do have a countdown calendar on my office computer based in an excel spreadsheet. Without giving details, I expect to be home in time to celebrate the 4th of July on my 5 acre ranch. Mrs. Dub did say that we could spend whatever I wanted on fireworks this year, I'll try to keep it reasonable, but I'm thinking along the lines of Sydney,Australia on New Years Eve is about the recreation I'm looking for. Speaking of New Year's Eve, it will be Mrs. Dub and I 15th anniversary. How does she put up with me for that long, well, she keeps shipping me out for one. I've also learned the secret to a successful and happy marriage, "Yes, dear"
Today was pretty much paperwork in the office, I'm working on some stuff for my airmen that are redeploying soon, and more of the usual. Not much else is happening around here. Be safe and have a good day.


just me said...

Wishing you many more happy anniversaries!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

happy anniversary you two! fireworks in july? cool sgt. we are such old fogies... we are so high up we can see the fireworks from out terrace in west palm beach, lake worth, and north palm beach and usually don't even go look. mostly we are already asleep. sigh.... getting old is tough! but we are trying not to let any grass grow under our feet and doing a pretty good job this year i think. stay safe...bee

MrsDub said...

First let me say "ha" to all those folks who said we wouldn't last! Second, I say "ha" to all those who said "people never change". That's the good part . . . Dub never changed, but I did, and thank goodness because I woke up one day and realized just how blessed I was to have such a wonderful husband (and daddy for our baby girl)! I truly believe Rascal Flats was writing about us when they recorded "God Blessed the Broken Road that Led Me Straight to You". Regarding 4th of July celebration, I will honor my commitment to allow you and Miss Dub to spend as much as you like on fireworks, provided no animals are harmed in the making of your fireworks display. We've enjoyed 15 wonderful years together (minus the deployments) and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together AND, who needs fireworks, when I've got YOU! (he he) Happy Anniversary to my "Love Muffin"

Anonymous said...

I never said it won't last; I just ask yout slow down. But I now know God had his hand on it fro the start. Praise God.. :LOVE MOM

Anonymous said...

Glad yall feel that way, we plan on locing the horses in the round pen. Hading out the the arena (big dirt patch where i practice barrels) and there will be lots of "prett things o BOOM". o, yeah... Another reason you guys have ben together so long is because it takes 2 people to keep me sprouting horns and a spiked tail. And that's where gradparents come in.

Lov ya- Miz Dub

Nikki Neurotic said...

You almost had me going with the picture...almost.

Desert Songbird said...

You're a good man, sgtdub, if you know the words, "yes dear" and the importance they play in a good marriage - ha!

Keep safe.