Saturday, December 09, 2006

09 December 2006, Today was another long day. I had more paperwork than usual and it involved contacting several different people. I'm working on acquiring some winter weather clothing and equipment for about 15 people. This was quite an easy task last time I was here, place a phone call, give them the numbers, send someone to sign for it and pick it up and distribute. Today, nobody wants to do it. I have contacted the two people it should go through, both said no problem. Next, I have to submit a form through Supply, he sends it up, they should forward it to the Bde J-4, then they make the call and then I go pick up the stuff. A few more steps but do-able. No, can't go like that. First, supply calls to find out why I want the stuff, so I explain. Next, the S-4 calls and wants a letter of justification and some type of documentation stating it's our responsibility. I got as far as sending the documentation, but haven't started on the justification yet. I'm sure it'll get approved by summer.
Next, since I have two Air Force personnel working for me, I have to do evaluations and award packets for them. I started this the same way we do our Army evaluations. Wrong, I have to use different terminology for Air Force and can't use specific bullet comments. So, I head down and talk to the Senior Air Force NCO in charge of my people and he helps me out with what he's looking for.
With such a long day, I headed over to the Self Help shop and finally started working on my desk for my room. I spent about 2 1/2 hours in there and finally stopped for the evening so I could eat dinner and relax for the evening. I may have to be real quiet here in my room for the next 20 minutes as one of my LTs wants me to go to the Ab Lab with him again tonight. I'm not wanting to and I just ate, but they are doing it 3 nights a week so I'll start up on Tuesday.
That's about all the fun I can share with you today. Be safe and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

And were you quite enough,i am whispering so he won't hear me;just in case.Sorry i havn't written ,i have been reading,but have not taken the time to write. Between Papa and Grandma i don't make time for much else, except work. PAPA and I chaparoned Miss Dub's school dance last night. What a mess;they don't dance they just run and squeel and jump around.Scarry. Love MOM

Sarge Charlie said...

Wow, this is so wonderful, what a great way to communicate with family, sorry, I had to read it. Back in Vietnam they said we could write a letter on a "c" ration box and mark it free, drop it in the mail.
You guys got it better than we did, no matter, you are still doing a job for us, I should not complain, I should just say THANK YOU.

The old sarge

Rock said...

Sgt, I always love reading your blog. It might not seem that exciting to you sometimes, but it reveals the details that make serving in Afghanistan come alive for your readers. If you have no objection, I'm going to use this post, or another, as a post on my blog. I'm going to use one of Tarek's posts, from Lebanon, and yours the next day, if you agree. This will show people a bit of what it's like in Afghanistan and Lebanon.

In the meantime, I guess bureaucracies are the same all over the world. Getting supplies is always one of the primary tasks of any army. Keep up the good work, and know that we are behind you.

Hello to you too Charlie!

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