Friday, December 08, 2006

08 December 2006, I guess I finally got tired of the DFAC here. I just had my 4th Subway sandwich this week. Part of it is the recycling you see with the food. If you remember last month I had chili a couple of days in a row for breakfast. By the next week, I noticed the chili continued to get thinner each day. They just keep adding water to it to make it stretch farther. Well, I wanted chili which is thick, not soupy. Tonight is Steak and Seafood night. That means that tomorrow we will probably have fajitas and Sunday will be beef stew. Same meat just decorated differently each day. I really don't have much to complain about since I seem to still be above my allotted weight limit.
Speaking of which, we went to the gym this morning for 1 hour of cardio again. According to the calorie readers I burned off somewhere around 740 calories. Last night I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical and then did the "Ab Lab" which was 30 minutes of non stop crunches, sit-ups, etc. I either did them wrong or am in fantastic shape already, because I wasn't sore this morning. I am however, exhausted today, so that's probably a good thing.
My mornings have gotten better. We put a t.v. in the office to be able to keep up with world events,, and occasionally the news. However, at 0530 we found Stargate SG-1, so we have been watching that first thing in the morning while I worked on some reports.
Not much else to report for now, be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

mornin' sarge! keep burning those calories, great job, someone has to do it, certainly not charlie or me....sigh. have a great day and be safe! bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now Sarge, I am happy to know your mess hall knows how to recycle that food, helps us taxpayers you know. I bet the chile was wonderful, you just needed some crackers to thicken it up.
I will never forget when our mess hall in Germany, 61-62, recycled old C rations. They dumped all those cans into a 10 gallon pot and produced real slop. C rats days were hamburger or bologna sandwich days from the EM Club. We did get the old boxes of four cigarettes, mostly Lucky Strike with the big red circle on the box.
Your chili just dose not sound so bad.

Stay safe my friend

The old sarge

MrsDub said...

Let's just say that the chili must be pretty bad if you won't even eat it! You just need some BBQ sauce, ketchup or pineapple - aren't those the 3 things you say go with everything? Thank goodness they have other food choices, or else you'd starve to death (eventually). Keep up the work at the "flab lab" oops, sorry "ab lab".

-Sepp said...

Like the site Dub! Your deployment reminded me of some of the boredom involved during my deployment. We were in a lodgment area that was 200m wide and 300m long for 9 months. We thought we were in heaven when we closed the camp and moved to a camp with a TV!