Sunday, December 10, 2006

10 December 2006, today I got to play in an old Russian tank. Of course, it has long since been in running condition, but none the less, have you been in one. At approximately 5'10 and 240 lbs, it seems that the tank was not built for a man of my size.

In fact, as I was wedging myself into one of the openings, I found myself remember Winnie the Pooh, after having some honey at Rabbit's hole and then he got stuck, where he had to stay until he lost some weight.
Well, fortunately, I made it out with no real problems. We had made a trip over to Pol-e-Charki today to service some of our Ford Ranger pickups and had time to waste. The service garage is much like the ones back home, (being built by Americans and Europeans does help), but back in the garage you can hear the old heavy rock blaring out to include Hotel California. The garage is supervised by some Russians and all the work is done by Afghans. This took up a good portion of my day.
We had one explosion down the road from our camp last night, the intended target appears to be the police. There are a couple of different reasons and a couple different theories out there. But nobody was hurt and only minor damage to the surrounding buildings. Tomorrow we hit the track for PT. Should be fun, I know I can't wait.....until spring....or summer. Not much else to report so be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh playing in tanks, what fun. i bet charlie wishes he was there! when we lived on aberdeen proving ground in the 70's they had tanks lining the roads all the way into the base. too bad they are gone now, homeland security isn't always pretty, huh? be safe....bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now sarge, I know I could not get into the tank, I also could not do a PT test, it looks to me like the army would do well just to let you do your job and come on back home. The explosion should be enough to convince you that inside the wire is a better place for you.

Be Safe my friend.

The old sarge