Thursday, December 21, 2006

21 December 2006, I had to post a little early yesterday because I had to sit at the front door of the DFAC for three hours. Why? Good question. Out of about 1500 people on this post there are about 10 that decided they don't want to wear identification like they are suppose to. The Army here has decided to combat this by posting 4 soldiers at the doors at each meal to tell these 10 people to put on their badges. So for the last several days we have pulled 12 soldiers from their normal tasks to sit at the DFAC. We won't mention ( I lied) that we also posted 2 soldiers at the PX for the same reason. We won't state the obvious here, that almost everyone on the post knows who they are or that we know where they work. To say that it gets more ridiculous is, well.....true. But I'll stop here. Anyway, I sat at the DFAC doors for 3 hours to tell these people that they needed to display their badges.
Afterwards I came back to my room. Then between 2000 hrs and 2200 hrs it apparently snowed about 2 inches. I noticed it when I went to take a shower and it was awesome. Most of it was still around today. The snow shovelers were out in the early morning hours scraping it off the boardwalks in our connex housing. I say early, remember I get up at around 5-530, and they had been working on it, (and it sounded like outside my door the entire time) for a couple of hours already.
The crud has really kicked my butt today and it wasn't until late this afternoon that I finally started feeling a little better.
We had some visitors come in just this afternoon, but I'll share more about that tomorrow. Be safe and have a good day.


Desert Songbird said...

Hey, sarge, make sure you remind everyone they need their stinkin' badges because you said so!

Sheesh, sometimes it's ridiculous how much ADULTS need to be reminded of the obvious.

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Sarge. Hope you're having a little fun in the snow and getting into some mischief. I hope you'll join us in posting our Peace Globes on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...

There is always guys that still have a bit a teenager in them and the need to "rebel" against authority. Just put your foot down "Dad". :-)
My crud is getting a little better and I'm on antibiotics for my dry socket (ouch!). I hope yours gets better soon. I'm off clinics this week. I thought it was for vacation, but apparently it was for recuperation! :-P
I can't wait to tell you the awesome present I got for your brother! But I will have to wait.

Humble Patriot said...

Sgt Dub,
Great blog! If you guys have anybody who does counterintelligence work at your camp, they may not want to wear their badges because they don't want to reveal their names to the local nationals and the Eastern Europeans who work for KBR. Sounds crazy, but you never know who may be working for a foreign intel service on your camp. It's a bigger problem than you may think. Best of luck to you for the remainder of your deployment!