Thursday, December 28, 2006

28 December 2006, It was another cool day today. I don't mind that much and it wasn't as cold as yesterday.
The polar bears are still being spotted on camp though, this one was watching our Ab Lab class and decided to try some reverse sit-ups. You know how bears put on that extra weight during the winter. No, really mom in law sent this one with a polar bear blessing email. Of course, my favorite polar bears are the Coca-Cola polar bears. Who can resist a Coke? Everyone knows I can't. Ah, the Route 44 Cherry-Vanilla Coke from Sonic. Have one ready for me when we get home.That was of course, my first meal last time we came home from Afghanistan, and I'm pretty sure it will be this time too. Food is one of my most favorite things, but I am pretty picky about it.
Anyway, I was able to post yesterday, then logged off and went for dinner, (food again, see the trend). When I made it back to the room, my internet was shut down because that blasted bill was due again. The internet guy here has it set up where the day the bill is due, it locks you out if you haven't paid, pretty effective. So today, I promptly went and paid my bill again. Someone remind me that on the 27th of January, I need to pay my bill before they shut it off. As you can see, I'm up and running again. Tonight is ab lab, so I'll be signing off in a bit and working out. I need it.
Mrs. Dub and Miss Dub have lots of fun plans coming up in the next few weeks, that I will miss. Darn them, of course, I'm getting to travel, (yeah, right). We talked last night about what type of trip we should take when I get home. I think we will take a driving vacation and either visit east coast or west coast. I have a lot of interest in seeing the east, visiting Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New York. I would like to take the family to see every state, but that will take more than one trip, so we have to break it down.
Not much else to report today. I'm feeling better and getting over this stuff, just basically have the cough left. Be safe and have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

are you seriously saying you have to pay for your OWN INTERNET sarge? omg!! if this is not a joke that is terrible!!!! uncle sam should at the very least spring for that! of course when sarge was gone for a year at a time they never paid for a phone call, so i should not be surprised, but, somehow, i am....

and the vacation, i vote for washington dc, not that i actually GET a vote, but i just love that place. i grew up in baltimore and we went there on so many field trips that it seemed like nothing to me, then when sarge came to maryland and wanted to see washington, he was so impressed, i never looked at it the same again.

be safe, and stay away from the bears! bee

MrsDub said...

Good Morning Dub! Countdown to our Anniversary - only 3 shopping days left (hint hint). I think I see some resemblance between you and the polar bear (you're both furry). So glad you are feeling better and getting over the crud. MissDub is under the weather today and I'm hoping I don't catch it. You're going to need to arrange some endorsement pay if you continue "plugging" for companies (Sonic, DeWalt, Coke, etc.) Just think of all the free advertising they're getting from you. You've got competition now - I've established the MrsDub blog site and I'm going to give you a run for your money. Be careful what you say because I'll be there to tell the "rest of the story". Be safe and keep warm!

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

Ms. Bee,
yes, in our rooms we pay for the internet, the office has it for free, but we share. We didn't even have that option on the first trip, so it's an improvement I don't mind.

Mrs. Dub,
Just Bring It!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Polar bears also, man that place sucks................ Why don’t we have nice wars, like maybe The Bahamas, or St Thomas, or Porto Rico, you get the idea.

Lets see, The battle of the bulge, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq........... Who picks these places anyway, I am sure we could do better.

Be safe my friend, I wish you and Mrs Dub were together today, I feel you pain.


PS: We have Sonic in Georgia also, not too much in Florids, ah....the days of the old drive in.

PS: Mrs Dub... Me and Miss Bee were not going to make it either, Jan 2 will be 39 years.

Anonymous said...

(cough,cough) Hey dad, now I just need a blog--and some asprin. So mom has caught the "Blog Bug", I've managed a stomach viris. Yay! (not), I wouldn't mind so much I was missing school, but it just stinks when you're on break. Well, hope you feel better.

~Lotz a luv, Miz Dub

Sarge Charlie said...

The Miz sounds like a nice young lady, The Mrs has a nice launch into the blogesphere.

Thanks for the nice comments, by the way, I think Rock did a good job with Paz.

Stay safe my friend

the old sarge

Sarge Charlie said...

I came here again to tell you that General Jay has a new post, the guy is not you typical retired general. Check him out, he is on my side bar.