Saturday, December 16, 2006

16 December 2006, Building Afghanistan II, The ANP (Kabul Police) officers didn't show up this morning. This isn't a bad thing, because I was able to work on the wall without their assistance. It was a nicer day weather wise. Yesterday we saw snow flakes on occasion and today was all sunshine. After about 2 hours I had the wall finished and had made a door handle for the outside of it. If you notice the pictures, there isn't a handle anywhere.
This didn't seem to bother the Afghans at all, it would have been one of the first things asked about back in the states, "I'm sorry, where's the door handle?" I am planning on going back to the first site and installing the handle as well as putting in a window if I can. Even Marshall Matt Dillon from GunSmoke had a nicer office than this, but it's a start. The scale of police work involved at this level is very low. They have branched out to having investigators, but the grunt work almost revolves entirely around traffic detail and setting up checkpoints. Anyway, let's get on with the pictures from yesterday.
We offloaded the wall and began to set it in place.

U.S. and ANP pull security so I can play, (um) I mean work.

Promo shot for Dewalt Tools, I'm waiting by my computer for that endorsement deal.

The crew is all set now. Now only 5 more is what I hear. Guess I'm going to be busy. Yeah.

Tonight is Ab Lab and I'm just about ready to go. I need it, I just don't want it. Lousy sleeping last night. Such is life in Afghanistan. Be safe and have a good day.


Sarge Charlie said...

Well now Sarge, that just looks spiffy, inquiring minds you know, is the room part a shipping container? Whatever it is, I am sure it is better than being out in the weather. You an envoy for international relations, thanks sarge.

Oh, by the way, I am honored that you learned something from me today.

The old asrge

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Mimi Writes. Just wanted to say "Thanks for your service".

I'm looking forward to spending some time here, reading back on your experience.

Thanks for sharing.

Nikki Neurotic said...

I was also sent by Mimi (persuasive gal she is), and just thought that I'd stop by and say hello. I'll have to come back later and read more of your blog.

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

Sarge, yep, just shipping container that are no longer servicable, we have been able to donate them to the ANP as police sub-stations on site.
Also, I've always said, if your'e not learining something everyday, you're probably dead

Travis & Silverneurotic: Thank you for stopping by, yes, Mimi can be persausive and suprising, I was honored to be on her site