Tuesday, November 28, 2006

28 November 2006, Well, procrastination has come to full bloom and it's time for spring cleaning, of course, I could always say I'm just getting ahead for next year, but who would believe that? I took off work at 10 am this morning and began what became the worst natural disaster to hit Kabul in a long time. I actually took some pictures and maybe when I complete the room, I will post them with the finished results. I haven't been able to pull off claiming a vandalism since my first year of college back in 1984, so that's an accomplishment.
I've been excited all day as when I came out of my room this morning we were getting snow. It cleared up for most of the morning and by this afternoon it had clouded over again. The sky cleared just enough that I could tell the mountains were getting a good snow covering. It keeps attempting to drop a few flakes now and then, I'm hoping for a couple feet of the white stuff, of course for numerous reasons, but mainly because I love it. We aren't too far off from that first good snow that I get to go out in shorts! Yippee!!
I'm about to head back over to the wood shop and build my entertainment center. This of course, is needed to support my t.v., microwave, computer, x-box, printer, and enough desk space to do homework on. Can you believe I still have to cram it into my small room. Luckily I have the full height of an 8' ceiling to work with. Can't build out, build up.
Well, I better get crackin, be safe and have a good day.


MrsDub said...

Do you suppose when it's time to come home, that they could just send your connex with you and we could just park it out back? That way, you could just have your "little fort" to play in and it can be as messy as you want. I promise not to go out there and I won't nag you about keeping it clean. It's a win-win situation!

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

That's not a bad idea. Remember when I came home from Hurricane Katrina and just dumped my stuff in the middle of the floor, this would be a lot easier. Plus it might actually take a connex to get me back home. Again, I could never be infantry, not until they get those robots to carry all of my stuff.

Anonymous said...

You two take h cake. MOM

MrsDub said...

As much as I complain, I'd love to have your stuff dumped all over the house, as long as You're there too!

Anonymous said...

Your gonna need some help with that entertainment center. Let me get my bag and I'll be there soon.

MrsDub said...

Wait just a minute, I believe 1 brother overseas at a time is plenty! You two can play with the power tools when Dub gets home. In fact, I've got a kitchen project that's got your names all over it!!! Both of you, straighten up and quit playing around or I'll put you both in "time out"